FTX announced the possibility of hacking 600 million dollars of cryptocurrency in this exchange

On Friday, hundreds of millions of dollars in assets were mysteriously removed from the collapsing exchange FTX in what exchange officials described as a hack. The company, which was once popular among cryptocurrency traders, announced that it is rapidly investigating unusual asset transfers. Now it seems that half a billion dollars have been stolen from the assets of this exchange.

This chaos started late on Friday; When the FTX account on Twitter claimed that funds had disappeared from this exchange. The manager of the Telegram page of this exchange said:

FTX is hacked. All funds seem to be gone.

FTX programs are malware. Delete them.

Do not visit the FTX site as it may contain Trojans.

According to the report Gizmodo, Ryan Miller, Investigating anomalies related to wallet movements related to FTX balances on exchanges is not as detectable as other actions, FTX General Counsel tweeted. As soon as we receive more information, we will share it with you. after a while Miller It claimed that the company was diverting the remaining existence to its cold wallets to avoid transferring more funds; Offline accounts that protect digital assets from hacking.

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Elliptic, a company that tracks the movement of cryptocurrencies across the Internet, said that more than $701 million in assets in various tokens left the coffers of the FTX exchange on Friday night. In its analysis, Elliptic estimated that approximately $515 million of these assets were likely stolen, while another $186 million potentially represented assets transferred by FTX to cold wallets. The transferred funds included a variety of tokens, including Avalanche, Tron, Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart China. The stolen funds were moved to three separate wallet addresses, after which the sender transferred at least $220 million through decentralized exchanges, which Elliptic describes as a common tactic used by thieves to avoid asset forfeiture.

The news of FTX hacking was published less than 24 hours after the bankruptcy of this company and immediately raised the suspicion of users online. Many people believe that the hacking news is not real and is actually some kind of attempt by people inside FTX to get that half billion dollars and destroy the customers. Some theorized that a small group of people close to Sam Benkman-Friedthe CEO of FTX were behind the hacking incident.

Once considered one of the most promising companies in the cryptocurrency industry, FTX has been praised by many celebrities such as Tom Brady And Steph Curry It was approved, destroyed in a flurry of violations that some saw as the equivalent of Enron’s secrets. CEO of this company Bankman-Friedstepped down from his leadership role on Friday amid revelations that his company used customer money to finance risky business ventures and went bankrupt.

It also appears that a large amount of customer money disappeared before the recent hack. Reuters reported on Saturday that of the approximately $10 billion in FTX client funds that Bankman-Fried He had already transferred it to his own company, Alameda Research, at least $1 billion of which has disappeared. Reuters says it is not clear where the money went or how much total funds were lost, although some estimates of the missing assets put the total value at between $1 billion and $2 billion. A source told the outlet that they think the figure is $1.7 billion.

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