from Wednesday of this week; Watch “Amsterdam” for free in the theater

The “Amsterdam” series is a social melodrama that tells the story of the romantic conflicts of several friends. Mehdi Pakdel is the main character of this series.

Judges’ time, Mehdi Soltani, Shahram is truthful, Mina Sadati, Mojtaba Pirzad, Literary breeze And Dear Roshank They are among the other actors of this melodrama. Written and directed by Amsterdam Masoud Karagozlu and production Mustafa Shaiste it was made.

The first season of this series will be broadcast on Wednesday this week (May 13) exclusively and for free on the “home show”” begins. This 15-episode series will be broadcast on this platform every Wednesday.

Those who are interested can use the features of this platform for free just by logging into the website or “Tamashakhune” application and registering their mobile phone number.

It should be noted that traffic is completely free for subscribers of Asiatec high-speed internet services, including ADSL and OWA, and half-price for subscribers of other internet providers.

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