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We need relatively advanced programming information to have and design the site in question. One of the frameworks that helps us in designing and developing sites and applications is the Laravel framework, which requires advanced and almost professional information in the programming language. In this article, we are going to provide you with Laravel Framework And How to learn and market Laravel Let us know and we will provide you with information in this regard. However, it is best to start with a brief overview of the programming language PHP you have; So join us.

How is the PHP language defined?

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In general, PHP stands for Hypertex Pre-processor. Although the word is an acronym for HPP, the title was coined in 1995 by Rasmus Lordorf for the previous version of the word personal home page.

PHP is a programming language that can be used to create dynamic web pages. In fact, PHP will do all the behind-the-scenes work on web pages; This means that this language will not affect the appearance of the site and you can not change the appearance of your site.

What is Dynamic web?

Dynamic web pages or dynamic web pages are general web pages that will display different content each time. These pages are changing depending on the time of day or the type of user interaction. Dynamic web pages generally include client-side web scripts and server-side scripts.

What are the uses and benefits of PHP language?

In this section, we will talk about the benefits of PHP in full. Some of the benefits of this language are:

  • Ability to run on platforms such as Linux and Windows (by installing the engine of this language)
  • It is fully compatible with all usable servers today.
  • It can work with and support various databases.
  • Working with PHP is very simple and does not require any special basic settings for programming.
  • You can easily program web pages with PHP programming language.
  • Very high speed

What are PHP built sites?

The most popular and reputable websites built in PHP and used by users on a regular basis are:

  • Digi-Kala
  • Aparat
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo
  • Blogfa
  • Mellat Bank
  • sport 3
  • ایرانسل
  • National Bank
  • Online news

From the collection of websites made with PHP programming language, we can also mention the following:

  • Wet Website
  • Job Team Website
  • Bamilo Website
  • The best website
  • Iran Age Website
  • Hello website download

How is the framework defined?

Framework is a general framework and set of programming knowledge and library for programmers. With the help of Framework, programmers can write less and more concise code, so they will get what they want in a short time. When designing a site using PHP, there will usually be a wide variety of frameworks; Like cake Laravel, symphony, zend and php.

Introduced frameworks help programmers not to overwrite existing duplicate code when programming. They will also provide more security and speed. In fact, frameworks are a very standard environment for developing and designing high-quality applications that can be used by programmers and developers. One of the most popular and efficient frameworks is the Laravel framework, which is used because of its ease of design, security and great speed.

What is the Laravel Framework?

The most popular and widely used PHP programming language framework is Laravel. Laravel, although very short-lived, has become the first choice of developers of complex applications. Laravel has very smart information for programmers and developers and is based on the Mvc architecture. Laravel is freely available and open source for programmers.

Laravel is faster and more secure than any other PHP programming language framework. This framework provides programmers with authentication services, user access, payment, invoice, etc., which are a small example of its benefits and applications.

Zero to one hundred Laravel frameworks

The developer of this framework is Taylor Otwell. In fact, Laravel was a more advanced solution than the Codelniter framework. In this article, we are going to take a brief look at the seven Laravel versions.

The first versionThis version was made available to programmers and developers of web pages and applications in 2011; But Laravel did not fully and satisfactorily support the Mvc architecture in the first version due to the lack of a controller, which was one of the most salient shortcomings of the first version.

The second versionIn the same year 2011, the second version was released, which was the main and most prominent feature of this version was the lack of controller in the previous version, this time by fixing this problem and supporting the controller in the second version fully supported the Mvc architecture. Also, in this version, the Blade template rendering engine was added, the purpose of adding this rendering engine was to increase the speed of template development and reduce the amount of coding.

Third editionThe third installment of Laravel, which became very popular, was released in 2012. A special option added in this version was Cli, which provided a lot of possibilities for developers.

Fourth versionAfter the popularity of the third version among programmers and web page developers, this time the third version was released in 2013, which was completely rewritten. Additional features in this version were sending emails in different ways.

Fifth edition: This version was released two years later than the fourth version in 2015, which was constantly updated and each time a new feature was added to this version.

Sixth edition: This version no longer had many flaws compared to the fifth version, and in this version, it was possible for programmers to use Laravel vapor.

Seventh edition: In addition to major changes from previous versions, the Laravel logo was also changed in this version. This time, in addition to fixing the flaws of the previous versions, Laravel was released with the aim of further upgrading and developing. The seventh version has more features and major and more practical changes for developers.

Is the speed of Laravel framework acceptable?

Laravel uses Cashe system and other powerful tools that make sites designed or developed for the first time with Laravel very fast. Also, the speed of developing a good application is very important due to the availability of ready-made packages.

How scalable is the Laravel framework?

Not only Laravel, but all published frameworks incorporate security-related code and other things for the convenience of programmers and developers, which is a big part of the job; But ultimately project development is up to the developers. It should also be noted that the Laravel framework has a lot of scalability due to the use of Ioc technology, which makes it possible to create the desired code with little information and develop the desired site to an acceptable and satisfactory level.

What tool does Laravel framework use for databases?

Laravel uses a dedicated Orm tool that makes it very easy to understand the code. Even novice programmers usually find it very easy to work with this tool and will not encounter any major problems when working with this tool. Also, many codes are understandable to programmers and developers from beginners to professionals. One of the features mentioned in this tool is the use of Pdo, which is great for connecting to a database.

What does Laravel’s services include?

In this article, we will introduce some of the services that all these services are available to programmers.

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Artisan Console
  • Billing
  • Cache
  • Collections
  • Elixir
  • Encryption
  • Errors & Logging
  • Events
  • Package Development
  • Filesystem / Cloud Storage
  • Hashing
  • Helpers
  • Localization
  • Mail
  • Pagination
  • Queues
  • Redis
  • Session
  • Testing
  • Validation

Team Job

What do we need to do to learn the Laravel framework?

Learn and Laravel Education Requires the following steps:

  • the door The first step You need to learn HTML and css basics and be familiar with HTML and css basics before you start training.
  • The second step It is learning the basics of programming. To get started with the basics of programming, you need to start with a lot of determination and hard work and know these things well; Because these concepts are the main principles of work and in the future, it will be very useful for you and without knowing these principles, practically nothing will be made of you.
  • Next step This means that in the third step, before starting Laravel, you need to learn PHP language.
  • the door Step four You have to learn Mvc architecture. As mentioned above, Laravel’s design is based on the Mvc architecture. So it is better to learn this architecture and be aware of all the points of this design. This architecture means writing project code that can be broken down into separate parts.
  • the door Step Five From Laravel training you should be familiar with the database. This is a lot of fun and you can easily learn it.
  • Step 6 In Laravel learning, learning to use Composer.
  • And at the end and The last step After learning all the above information, you are ready to learn Laravel. This tutorial is possible if you have gone through all the above steps and obtained comprehensive and complete information about the programming language and tools. Also, you can learn from Laravel Laravel period Use for ease of your work.

What are the importance and benefits of Laravel Framework?

  • Laravel is based on the Mvc architecture.
  • One of the most important advantages of Laravel is easy learning.
  • Laravel has a very high level of security.
  • It is very easy to update Laravel versions.
  • It has a very high coding speed.
  • It is possible to create different packages.
  • Extraordinary command line
  • Laravel uses the Orm tool, which is an advantage
  • Laravel has the ability to perform various tests.

What is meant by open source?

Slightly higher were hints of Laravel’s openness; But the question is, what is open source? Simply put, open source allows you to act like a creator and make any changes you want; Because in addition to the original downloaded files, you can also download the original code. In this case, if you have a thorough knowledge of the programming language, you can make any changes you want.

One of the benefits of this is that it is free and has access to a large collection of developers; This means that if developers have access to changes to these codes, they will sometimes add unique items to the collection with their own creativity. In this case, the manufacturer will review these changes and, if approved, will use them in the next update.

What is the labor market of Laravel framework in Iran?

As mentioned above, Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks written based on PHP programming language with high speed and security, which can be used to develop and design a variety of advanced systems. Laravel is one of the most popular and well-known frameworks in the world, and it is the same in Iran, and it is very popular and widespread. Any developer or programmer with Laravel can meet the needs of their project.

Given all the information provided, how should we enter Laravel’s labor market? By teaching and learning the basics of programming and then the Laravel framework, you can easily get work projects and achieve a satisfactory income. Today, there are many companies that will work with people who follow Laravel professionally. The point to learn in programming is perseverance and not to be disappointed; Because it is not easy and requires skill.

The last word

In this article, we have tried to provide complete information about the programming language and Laravel Framework At your disposal; But why do programmers use Laravel? Laravel is a powerful framework that is very secure and fast, and has a lot of development. You can easily find any problems and questions by searching on Google or searching on the site Team Job Solve your problem. We hope this article answers your questions; Of course, if needed, you can also use the team job site.

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