Fortnite returns to iPhone and iPad thanks to GeForce NOW service

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store last year due to tensions with Epic Games, and the two companies subsequently filed lawsuits against each other alleging breaches of the law or monopolistic behavior. Finally, the Apple and Epic Games litigation court recently announced its historic verdict, according to which Apple was acquitted of the monopoly charge and Epic Games was ordered to pay a fee of 30% to Apple.

According to the ruling, the tech giant has the right to dissolve the accounts of Fortnite game developers and their subsidiaries; Therefore, Fortnite can still not be accessed on Apple’s software platforms; Hence, it seems that the only hope of Epic Games will be the game streaming services.

In November 2020, Nvidia introduced a version of the GeForce Now cloud gaming service that ran on the Safari browser on iOS and iPadOS, and Fortnite seemed to be the platform’s main title for Apple devices to fill the gap left by the deleted game in the App Store. Slowly Now, the service and Fortnite for mobile are almost ready to launch, and Nvidia has announced the release of a limited beta version of Fortnite, where users can sign up for an early gaming experience.

Using the new streaming service will allow Epic Games to circumvent Apple’s ban in some way. This way, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to run Fortnite for free through a free basic GeForce Now subscription; However, Nvidia has limited the free use of this service to one hour.

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It is interesting to note that other game streaming services such as Google Studio and Microsoft XCloud and the new Amazon Luna service have provided applications for accessing iOS users through the Safari browser; But Fortnite is not available on any of these services; Thus, Nvidia’s new service is mentioned as the only way to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad.

It is not yet known how long the beta will last or when the GeForce Now service will make Stream Fortnite widely available to all Android and iOS users. Overall, game streaming has improved dramatically in recent years; But it’s a little hard to imagine a streamed version being a better long-term solution than a native Fortnite program.

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