Forming a great union in the quantum world; Honeywell and Quantum Cambridge were finally merged

Last summer, Honeywell announced that it was separating its Quantum Solutions division from its parent company and intends to merge it with the British quantum computing startup Quantum UK. The result of this deal is now completed with the creation of a new business called Quantinuum.

Quantum is said to have been created with the aim of accelerating the development of quantum computing and innovating quantum technologies in an agnostic way to provide quantum capabilities; The solution to the problems that classical computers are unable to solve. ایلیاس خان, CEO of the new company and founder of Cambridge Quantum, says:

Quantum is now the largest and most advanced integrated quantum computing company in the world. Utilizing the best quantum software with the highest hardware performance available, we are particularly unique in delivering real-time quantum computing products and solutions to large, high-growth markets in the short, medium, and long term. We lead and organize science, and the scale of our global presence will be in the most important technologies and each of the key areas where quantum computing must be presented to our customers and partners in real-world solutions.

According to the proposed roadmap, Quantinium will launch a quantum cyber security product worldwide in December 2021, and subsequently, in 2022, an enterprise software package that enables quantum computing to solve complex scientific problems in pharmacy, materials science, and specialty chemicals. Uses agricultural chemicals, will provide. The company will also announce in the near future major upgrades to the hardware technologies of the H1 series of H1 quantum computers; A system that apparently has the highest measured quantum volume as well as industrial advances that reduce errors and thus promise reliable progress towards the development of an error-resistant quantum system. Tony OtleySays Quantinium’s chief operating officer:

I’m excited to help lead our new company that will positively change the world through the use of quantum computing. Our scientists are working hard to develop the best quantum software and hardware technologies available, and I’m glad to be able to provide them to customers on an ongoing basis. Quantum has busy weeks and months ahead; Because we are accelerating the acquisition of unique value from today’s quantum computers, especially in cybersecurity. However, in addition to cybersecurity, our products will include solutions for drug discovery and delivery, materials science, finance, natural language processing, as well as optimization, pattern and supply chain recognition, and procurement management.

Quantum is actually created six months after the announcement of the merger of the Honeywell Quantum and the Cambridge Quantum. Honeywell will initially be Quantinium’s largest shareholder, holding approximately 54% of the company. In addition to these shares, Honeywell has invested nearly $ 300 million in the new company; Therefore, it seems that Quantinum will not have a problem in terms of attracting capital at the beginning of the path and can easily focus on its roadmap.

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Honeywell will also be the supplier and even customer of Quantinum in various projects in its commercial units, and will apparently provide Quantinum with its own ion trap production process. The start-up will initially have approximately 400 employees and offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Germany. Of these employees, approximately 300 are scientists working on the development of hardware and quantum software solutions.

What role do you think Zummit users will play in the future of this important integration of computing computing, and can the integration of hardware and software bring about a revolution in quantum computing in the industry sooner than we expect?

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