Former vice president of Twitter: Elon Musk’s behavior is like the behavior of a drunk person

Futurism is writing diesel Not the only one who feels this way about the behavior Mask and his management method. A current Twitter employee, who asked not to be named, told a British news outlet: “There are no specific guidelines at Twitter now, and employees are not respected.” There is no work transparency in this social network and this is awful.

Another Twitter fan said: “This is a disaster and it seems like the owner of Twitter is just putting people in positions to hire them.”

diesel In another part of his explanation, he said: “Current conditions Mask On Twitter, it’s like cartoon characters who don’t immediately fall off cliffs. “Now the CEO of this social network looks down and realizes that the law of gravity applies to him too.”

Thus, diesel A very interesting metaphor to describe Musk’s current situation used on Twitter.

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