Forget the phones; This gadget turns your hand into a touch screen!

The Humane brand has finally unveiled the AI ​​Pin gadget months after it was first shown. According to analysts, AI Pin shows the future of gadgets based on artificial intelligence and may threaten the position of smartphones.

According to Hyomin’s press release$699 wearable gadget AI PIN It consists of two parts: a cube device and a battery that attaches to clothing or other surfaces.

Buyers of the AI ​​Pin device must pay $24 per month for Humin’s subscription service in addition to the $699 fee. This subscription service will provide users with a mobile phone number and Internet operator T-Mobile. The pre-sale of AI Pin will start from November 16 (November 25) and the sale of this product will start from early 2024.

The AI ​​Pin wearable gadget is equipped with an unspecified model of Snapdragon processor and to interact with it you can use voice command, camera, motion gestures and built-in projector. This projector can play content on the palm of your hand.

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