Forecasts report a decline in Apple Watch sales in 2023

Forecasts report a decline in Apple Watch sales in 2023

Famous analyst of news related to Apple. Ming Chi Ku The company has made an alarming prediction about the sale of smart watches.

Ko It expects Apple Watch sales in 2023 to decline by roughly 15 percent from last year to 36 to 38 million units. We still don’t know where he got his data from, and it’s unclear whether he’s citing sales declines from 2023 or Apple’s 2023 fiscal year, since the company’s fiscal year ends on September 30.

In the following Ming-Chi Ku’s Complete Predictions We review it, which includes seven sections:

  • The new Apple Watch 2024 will not use a microLED display.
  • The Apple Watch 2025 may be equipped with a microLED display, but there is a possibility that this product will be released in 2026.
  • Apple Watch sales in 2023 are expected to decrease by about 15% compared to last year and reach 36 to 38 million units.
  • Apple Watch 2024 will not offer significant innovative features.
  • The blood sugar monitoring feature will not be added to the Apple Watch in 2024.
  • Apple Watch is considered a successful product that has maintained its position by changing its position. However, if this device in 2024 faces a sharp decline in sales, it will probably need to reposition itself.
  • With the integration of Vision Pro and Apple Watch, a unique health management experience will be available to users, and this condition can increase the sales of both products.
  • It remains to be seen what plans Apple will have in the future to maintain the current position of its smart watch in the market.

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