Ford is invading the electric vehicle market with a $ 20 billion investment

Bloomberg sources say Ford plans to invest $ 20 billion to expand its presence in the electric vehicle market. Ford’s massive investment will help the company reorganize its operations to experience a full-fledged presence in the electric vehicle market in the future.

According to Gizmochina, Ford, one of the largest American companies in the automotive industry, had said that it wanted to spend $ 30 billion by 2025 on the development of electric vehicles and cars. In other words, the new news, which mentions Ford’s $ 20 billion investment, is in line with the company’s initial plans.

In addition, Bloomberg Media claims that Ford intends Doug Field, To elect Apple CEO and Tesla as head of operations in this field. In this way, Dougfield will oversee activities that will eventually transform Ford factories into electric vehicles. In Dougfield’s portfolio, he has worked for Apple as a Vice President for Special Projects. He has also been in charge of Apple’s auto production team and has worked as a Chief Vehicle Engineer at Tesla.

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The change in Ford’s approach means that the auto giant will hire more engineers. Tesla is now known as the leader in the electric car market, and Ford is far from trying to reach the top. Ford plays a major role in the vehicle industry, and sales of the company’s F-Series vans exceed Tesla’s total output; However, it has not yet achieved much in the field of electric vehicle production. Apparently, Ilan Mask’s ideas for an all-electric future have been well received by investors, and Tesla has been able to achieve numerous successes. It remains to be seen whether Ford can take a similar path.

What do Zomit users think about Ford’s focus on electric vehicle production?

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