For charity, Biyamu helps recreate the “Rocket League” in the real world

Companies do a lot of creative work for charity; But perhaps one of the most exciting recent developments in this area is the result of a new collaboration between Beamo and Das Race Goal. The two companies are looking for a tournament that basically reconstructs the Rocket League in the real world. Proceeds from the games will be raised to help improve health care and education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is Das Race Goal?

Many people may not know what a Das Race Goal is. The Race Goal One of the games Esport is where people drive remote-controlled vehicles on racetracks. What sets this game apart from other available options is that people from all over the world can drive these cars.

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The first event will be held on December 12 (December 21) and will be broadcast live on Twitch LVL. In the opening race, six three-man teams will compete at the BMW Welt Stadium in Munich. Each team will include a professional player (including members of Cloud9, Fnatic, G2 Esports and OG), a social media influencer and a young gamer (age range information not yet released).

BMW and Das Race Goal say this is just the beginning of their long-term partnership. This means that we will probably see other events like this in the future.

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