Following the European order, Google continues its activities with a more transparent approach

Big tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon often face various accusations from the regulators around the world and especially in Europe (EU). Now this union has managed to force Google to do what it was looking for, that is, more transparency. According to recent reports, the internet search giant has agreed to provide European users with more transparent information on services such as Google Hotels, Play Store and Google Flights.

This news was published based on the press release of the European Union Commission. Google must also indicate whether it works as an intermediary or sells products directly. The company should also provide more complete information about product delivery, product and service return methods, repairs, and more.

The European Union has regulated the actions requested of Google in order to comply with its activities. These rules have been introduced since 2021 after consultation with the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC).

Didier RindersEU Justice Commissioner says Google customers in EU countries have the right to receive clear and complete information, and the search giant’s commitment to comply with the new changes in the law is a step in the right direction.

Google Flights and Google Hotels must disclose to customers whether they are direct sellers of products and services or work as intermediaries for other companies. Of course, this is not the whole story and Google should show the reference price when offering discounts to customers in the two mentioned services. In addition, European users should be informed that the reviews posted about hotels have not been verified by an official authority.

Overall, Google Hotels and Google Flights must follow the same transparency rules. Other similar platforms such as, which is actually a travel agency, have followed the same trend.

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