Fixed internet prices will not change this year

Last year, Mojtaba Rezakhah, a member of the presidium of the Parliamentary Budget Consolidation Commission, announced that the increase in internet prices was illegal in the resolution we passed. This law was considered by the parliament for this parliament in the budget of 1400, which was previously announced by the Minister of Communications of the twelfth government of Korea. شد.

Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, in response to Zomit, explained that the current telecommunication tariff is changing and whether the internet tariff will change in this regard: “Currently, there is a change in the telecommunication tariff and the internet tariff is due “The parliamentary law will not change this year.”

The Minister of Communications, in response to another question from Zomit that the Internet has been accompanied by disruptions and lack of quality since September of this year, said that the Internet has improved in the last two or three days because the route of the cables that were cut has been repaired. He stated that the quality of the Internet was low due to 10 years of lack of infrastructure development. In response to a question from Zomit, the Minister of Communications of the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments has been constantly talking about increasing and developing infrastructure; So why is he currently linking the quality of the Internet to the underdevelopment of infrastructure?

In the last 10 years, the mobile infrastructure has grown a lot, but the fixed internet infrastructure has not developed at all. We have not had any development in fiber optics and we are ranked 142nd out of 190 countries in the world in terms of quality and speed. So if the fixed internet infrastructure had developed in the last 10 years, this would not be our place in the world.

The change in telecommunication tariffs has not been finalized

Also, in response to IRNA’s question about the final approval of the fixed telephone maintenance tariff, the Minister of Communications announced that the tariff amendment is on the way to approval and finalization. “Tariff approval has several stages, the first of which must be approved by the Commission of the Regulatory Authority, which has passed this stage,” he said. “In addition, this tariff must be approved by other authorities.”

Earlier it was said that the telecommunication tariff will change when the telecommunication company guarantees to use its tariff increase place for the development of fixed internet and national information network. Issa Zarepour stated in this regard: “Telecommunication must provide the necessary guarantee that it will launch at least one million fiber optics a year in the country and also convert copper wire into fiber optics or guarantee to launch fiber optic ports in places where there is no connection at all.”

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