Firefox Reality virtual reality browser is complete

After a four-year hiatus, Mozilla has announced plans to end Mozilla Firefox Reality, a browser designed for use in virtual reality environments. According to ZDNet, the open source browser allowed users to access the Web through standalone virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, and was available in the Wi-Fi, Aquiuls, and Didrem stores.

When using Firefox Reality, the user could visit standard URLs, search, and eventually switch between 2D websites and web-based immersive experiences. Mozilla has said that after the end of Firefox Reality, it intends to use the technology used in this browser in other communities and organizations to continue to grow and as WebAssembly, Rust and Servo help develop the web.

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Mozilla says that despite the end of Firefox Reality, the browser’s source code will be used in the Wolvic Igalia virtual reality browser. According to Mozilla, Firefox Reality was an open source browser that respected your privacy, and Wolvic is expected to continue to do so. Wolvic will be available next week for AOSP-based standalone XR systems and OS Harmony systems such as Aquilus, Huawei VR Glass, Vaio, Pico and Lynx.

A version of the Wolvic browser that will be released next week will be in beta, and Igalia will add the features provided by Mozilla to the browser over time. Firefox Reality browser is still available in virtual reality stores, however it will be removed in the coming weeks.

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