Firefox-Focus Android browser “full cookie protection” feature added

One of the downsides of the modern world is the tracking and storage of unwanted and extensive user information by websites. This tracking is done by what we know as a cookie, but there are ways to block it, such as using browsers like Firefox Focus for smartphones that use auto-tracking. Firefox Focus now offers Total Cookie Protection to prevent inter-site tracking.

According to Digital Trends, Total Cooke Protection creates a “special cookie” for each website the user visits. Each time a website enters a cookie in its browser, Firefox focuses that cookie on a separate cookie dedicated to that website. This feature prevents other websites from using their cookies to track user activity everywhere. This will limit the amount of information that websites can collect from users through cookies. Firefox Focus is the first Android browser to offer this key feature, and it will probably make privacy fans very happy.

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In addition, unwanted advertising and information tracking will be significantly reduced. Mozilla also launched Smartblock in December 2021; A feature that ensures that even websites that are not working properly due to cookies being blocked are still fully active. This is usually the biggest problem with blocking cookies and code aggressively, so it’s good to see that Firefox has been working to fix this. Previously, Firefox incorporated some great features such as supercookie protection and advanced tracking protection (ETP) to reduce users’ fears with its browser.

The Total Cookie Protection feature was part of the Firefox desktop browser by 2021 by default, but it was eventually added to the Android version of the browser.

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