File a complaint with FATA police How to register and necessary documents

The Law on Computer Crimes was approved in 2013 to respond to people’s complaints about crimes related to this field.

According to this law, cases such as unauthorized eavesdropping, computer espionage, computer forgery, destruction and disruption of computer and telecommunication data or systems, theft and fraud related to computers, crimes against modesty and public morals, publication of lies, etc. are subject to punishment.

Now, if a crime has been committed against you in cyberspace, how should you follow it up? In these cases, the authority to investigate and file a complaint is the FATA police, and to file a complaint, you must complete the following steps.

Training to file a complaint in FATA police online

To file an online complaint with the FATA police, you must first log in to the Sanaa system Register at this address.

Then Appointment system of judicial electronic service offices Visit and you will see in the box on the first page, by entering the name of the province, city and type of complaint, make an appointment at the judicial office.

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