FATA Police: Internet fraud is 36% of Internet crimes

FATA Police: Internet fraud is 36% of Internet crimes

Hossein Amirli, the deputy head of FATA police, in a telephone conversation, while presenting statistics on the crimes committed in the country’s cyber space, announced that the FATA police have achieved good control in the domain of crime in cyber space.

Of course, the deputy police chief of FATA emphasizes that this control in the scope of crime and the detection of crimes related to cyberspace is more related to crimes that have private plaintiffs. Amirli said in this regard:

Hossein Amirli further mentioned the statistics related to the country’s cyber crimes and said: “Most of these crimes have a private complainant of internet fraud, who has allocated more than 36% of the crimes to himself in recent years. In the next place are Internet withdrawal and other subjects.

The 36% statistics related to internet fraud in 1401 shows an increase in the number of frauds in the cyberspace compared to the previous year and indicates that this space has become more unsafe for people. In 1400, the FATA police announced that fraud was 30% of all cyberspace crimes.

Of course, in his interview last night, the deputy police chief of FATA expressed satisfaction with the performance in controlling the scope of crime in cyberspace and said:

This is despite the fact that the statistics announced by the FATA police about the detection of crimes in 1400 were more than this number. The detection rate of Internet frauds by FATA police in the mentioned year 95 percent It was announced.

The deputy police chief of FATA also announced the implementation of pre-emptive measures in addition to measures related to the detection of cyber crimes and stated: “We are taking special measures in pre-emptive areas as well. It means actions that people don’t go to the police to report, but there is a need for the cyber space to be continuously monitored and anomalies removed.”

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