FATA police deal with caricaturing pages in cyberspace

Sardar Hossein Amirli, the deputy police chief of FATA, has announced the identification of 125 Instagram pages with more than 11 million followers that are active in the field of cosmetic surgery and body contouring.

Sardar Amirli has announced the reason why the FATA police are focusing on caricaturing pages that publish private pictures of people without their consent:

In this regard, the deputy head of FATA police has announced that with the technical measures of FATA police experts, 125 Instagram pages with more than 11 million followers, who were active in this field and published private pictures of citizens, have been identified and their cases are in the process of investigation. is placed

Sardar Amirli has stated in the explanation of the violations committed by these pages: “The mentioned pages published private pictures of people without their consent and sometimes with threats and coercion; In this regard, FATA police cyber officers have developed their actions widely throughout the country and by examining all aspects of the case and using scientific and technical methods, they managed to identify most of the operators of these pages and more than 84 of these people. After judicial formalities, arrest them in several operations at the same time.”

According to the report of the police news site, the Instagram pages of these complexes and clinics have been blocked, and Sardar Amirli has emphasized to the citizens not to trust the identity of these people in cyberspace.

The deputy police chief of FATA has also recommended that people refrain from sending their pictures and private information to others and unknown people who intend to make money and be seen with false advertisements under the name of pages of body shaping, cosmetic surgeries, etc.

In addition, if necessary, citizens can contact the FATA Police by calling the Cyber ​​Emergency Center at 096380 or visiting the FATA Police website at

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