Fanap CEO: Technology-oriented companies have the highest values ​​in the capital market

The CEO of Fanap Group of Companies announced the entry of the first Fanap Holding Company to the capital market at the Pasargad electronic payment stock exchange symbol introduction meeting and said: Technology-oriented companies active in the ICT field have the highest values ​​in the capital market.

According to Fanap’s Public Relations and Branding Unit, Dr. Shahab Jovanmardi expressed his satisfaction with the introduction of the Pasargad Electronic Payment Company and the entry of the “Pipod” symbol into the Tehran Stock Exchange, which was held at noon on Monday, March 22, at Khatam University. PSP Pasargad with the symbol “Ppod” as the first Fanap holding company in the stock market, stated: “We are proudly a child of Pasargad Bank, and since the goodwill of parents plays an important role in the introduction of the child, the goodwill of Pasargad Bank shares is also a clear view of The shares of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company will be presented to the audience.

Referring to the vision that led to the formation and management of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company, he explained the role of Pasargad PSP in Fanap ecosystem and the different position of this company compared to other PSPs active in the market.

The CEO of Fanap Holding said: Pasargad Bank envisioned a mission beyond providing services to a bank in 2004 to establish Fanap, and today we see that despite the stagnation of most industries, the field of digital economy continues to grow, develop and grow.

Dr. Javanmardi emphasized: Looking at global markets also shows that technology-oriented companies active in the field of ICT have the highest values ​​in the capital market and the greatest growth belongs to these companies.

The CEO of Fanap Group of Companies said: We are considering that the development of the country’s digital economy system requires large and powerful companies, since 2009, we have revised the vision of Fanap until 1404, and in the 4-year horizon, we have targeted sales equivalent to 1% of GDP. . Also, the plan to create 10,000 direct jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs has been seen in this perspective.

He stated: We are looking to become the country’s innovation bridge in the future and tie the past development of the country’s previous and advanced industries in the path of digital transformation to the future of the innovation economy. At one time, everyone thought that this path would pass through the formation of start-ups and small and fledgling businesses, but today it has become clear that what will determine the transformation of the country are large technology-oriented companies that have the mission of solving the country’s key issues.

Shahab Jawanmardi continued: In our country, with a bank-oriented economy, banks are the best place for the growth of large technology-oriented companies, and we have seen that despite all the obstacles, the knowledge-based leap development law has returned to the banking system to provide support for the knowledge-based economy.

He mentioned Fanap’s mission in 4 categories: “Lifestyle”, “Industry”, “Telecom” and “Fintech”, as well as targeting an income of 74 thousand billion Tomans and an investment of 26 thousand billion Tomans by 1404. to achieve these goals, he said: 25% of transactions in the country’s banking system are done through the product of Datin Company, and this company will be the second set of Fenap Holdings to go to the capital market after Pasargad PSP. Also, 25% of the production of banking hardware products is being done by “Fnaptech” in Arvand Free Zone, and “Fnap Infrastructure” is considered one of the most serious smart industry operators in the country, which completes the puzzle of moving towards Industry 4.0.

The CEO of Fenap Group of Companies, referring to other companies of this holding, including “FenapTelcom” and “Zitel” and startups that have been activated with the view of innovation in this group, emphasized: Pasargad Electronic Payment Company by changing its business model in recent years, from a The payment company has moved towards a provider of comprehensive electronic banking solutions and has keyed the digital transformation process. This digital transformation process has distinguished PSP Pasargad from other payment companies.

According to Dr. Javanmardi, the most income of Pasargad electronic payment company is from the sales terminal, and one out of every 5 positions in the banking network belongs to Pasargad PSP.

In this ceremony, Masih Tafarshi, the CEO of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company, referring to the initial public offering of this company’s shares in the stock exchange in the coming days, said: After 17 years of executive experience, Pasargad PSP Company has succeeded in offering its shares in the second market of the stock exchange.

He considered this company as one of the best in the payment industry, which has continued to grow in efficiency and profitability over the past few years.

The CEO of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company said: Today, this company, with the shareholding of Pasargad Bank and Fenap Company, is developing towards value-added services in the field of fintech, and its vision is to improve the quality of life by developing innovative and smart payment solutions.

He named investment for non-attendance payment, differentiation from competitors, influence in the market and productivity management among the strategic priorities of this company in 1402.

Tafarshi stated that Pasargad electronic payment has won the title of the top company in terms of “fast growth” in the ranking of the country’s top companies (IMI100), adding: Pasargad electronic payment, in the evaluation of Shoprak from April 1399 to February 1401, in the transaction amount index, has improved 4 ranks and in the index of the number of transactions, it has been upgraded by 3 ranks.

It should be mentioned that according to the announcement of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company, in the fiscal year 1401, more than 2700 billion Tomans in operating income, 216 billion Tomans in net profit and 72 Tomans as earnings per share (EPS) were registered for this company, and it is expected that this company will continue to do the same. In 1402, it will have the ability to achieve more than 4800 billion tomans in operating income, 620 billion tomans in gross profit, 418 billion tomans in net profit and 139 billion tomans as earnings per share (EPS).

Based on the valuation done, the price of “Pepod” shares is 694 Tomans per share and the sum of 2 thousand billion Tomans is considered.

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