Fall 1401 regulatory report; Internet growth has been less than two percent

The latest report of the statistical indicators of the communication and information technology sector related to the fall of 1401 was published by the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization. Based on the data in this report, the number of fixed and mobile broadband subscribers has increased compared to the fall of the previous year. However, no information is provided about the amount of internet usage in the fall of 1401; Information that was always mentioned in previous reports.

Increasing the number of mobile and landline subscribers

The number of mobile phone subscribers in the fall of 1401 has grown by 7.2% compared to the same period of the previous year and has reached more than 145 million and 667 subscribers from more than 135 million subscribers. Landline subscribers also grew by less than one percent and reached 29 thousand 342 subscribers with an increase of 0.12 percent in the fall of 1401.

The number of mobile broadband internet subscribers has also increased from more than 91 million to more than 102 million subscribers, which shows an 11.4% growth. Although the number of fixed broadband subscribers has grown, this growth has been much lower than that of mobile broadband subscribers. The number of fixed broadband subscribers this fall has grown by 1.7% compared to last year’s fall, and currently, there are more than 11 million and 80 thousand subscribers in this sector.

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