Face recognition will probably be added to the Pixel 6 Pro

In October of this year, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were introduced with a fingerprint sensor under the display, but these products do not currently support the ability to unlock with a face. However, there is still hope that the new version of Google’s flagship Pro will be equipped with the feature in question; Because in the source code of Android 12L, there are references to the face recognition feature in a phone equipped with a tensor chip.

According to GSM Arena, the information obtained from the Android 12L code indicates the ability of the Pixel smartphone to switch between face recognition and fingerprint recognition to unlock the device. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4X are the only handsets in the Pixel series that use face recognition to unlock the device; So the Android 12L code refers to a newer device (probably the Pixel 6 Pro).

Android 12L source code contains details on how to authenticate through the face, which will be considered as a test feature in the Pixel 6 suite, which explains why the feature in question is not yet available to users.

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Regardless of whether Google decides to add face recognition capability to the Pixel 6 Pro with Android 12L, the Face Unlock feature may not be available on the regular Pixel 6; Because the same code files for the base 6-pixel model do not contain any face recognition references to unlock. This is a bit confusing; Because the Pro Pixel 6 version does not use any special face recognition hardware compared to the regular version.

Google will probably keep the face recognition monopoly in the Pixel 6 Pro monopoly, and if that were a real decision, it would be really ironic; Because Google mocked Apple at one of its events a few years ago and announced that the Cupertino-based company is offering the best features only in its high-end phone models.

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