external battery problem; Apple’s mixed reality headset will have two separate ports

Mark GermanBloomberg’s veteran whistleblower, has long been privy to rumors about Apple releases mixed reality headset. Now he has put his hands on this product again. According to Garmin, Apple’s long-awaited headset will be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to 9to5MacApple’s mixed reality headset has two ports: one USB-C port for data transfer and the other a dedicated magnetic port for connecting to an external battery. This battery will provide the required energy of the headset for about two hours and it will be similar to Magsafe battery pack in terms of dimensions and design.

Using an external battery makes Apple’s mixed reality headset lighter and the user feels more comfortable when using it. Apple expects the user to keep the battery in their pocket while using the headset. The battery will always be connected to the headset through a cable.

Two-hour charging makes Apple users need to buy several separate batteries. It is not unlikely that the price of each of these batteries will reach 100 dollars. It is not clear how long the process of replacing each battery takes and whether the device needs to be turned off and on.

Mark German says the cable is connected to the external battery and cannot be disconnected. On the other hand, this cable has a circular design that is magnetically connected to the headset and is firmly fixed in place with a rotating mechanism. This rotating mechanism prevents the cable from detaching when using the headset.

Previous rumors say Apple’s mixed reality headset will be a flagship device around $3,000 that will have two 4K displays and be equipped with tons of internal and external sensors. Apple’s mixed reality headset will be unveiled on June 15, 1402 with the exclusive xrOS operating system.

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