Exquino digital currency exchange platform and how to buy and sell digital currency in it

How is buying and selling digital currency in Exquino exchange?

It is possible to buy and sell digital currency in Exquino exchange in different ways. In this section, we will teach you how to buy and sell cryptocurrency in this exchange. To buy digital currency, you must first register at Exquino exchange. After completing the registration, you must go through the authentication process. Authentication allows you to do your transactions in a safe and completely secure platform.

Exquino exchange has instant and intelligent authentication, which made the authentication process to be done in the shortest time and in the most convenient way. After registering and logging into your user account, you need to increase your Riyal account balance. Then you can purchase cryptocurrency using one of the following three methods:

Convert: In this section, you can buy the amount of cryptocurrency you want instantly, at the current and suggested price and directly from Exquino.

Ordering: One of the important advantages of Exquino exchange is the possibility of ordering. You can buy the digital currency at the desired price, then enter the 8-hour ordering section and place your order for the amount of the desired currency.

Exquino Market: In the Exquino Market trading platform, digital currencies are quickly transferred and exchanged from foreign wallets with the lowest fees and from the Exquino wallet without fees.

To sell digital currency in this exchange, you need to go through the same steps. After registering and entering your panel, you can sell digital currency with one of the three methods of conversion, ordering and Exquino Market. Buying and selling cryptocurrency in Exquino exchange is very easy and done with high security.

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