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2 years after the release of the normal Dena, i.e. at the end of 2015, the Plus version of this car was also produced. The shape of the doors and the trunk, the internal graphics of the lights and the front grill were among the only differences in the appearance of these two versions. Dena Plus was launched in 4 models: automatic turbo, 5-speed manual turbo, 6-speed manual turbo and 5 simple gears.

But the latest version of Dena Plus is a 6-speed manual turbo. This gearbox, known as MT6, was previously used on the Rana Plus Panorama. The sixth gear of this gearbox causes the engine speed to decrease by 20% and fuel consumption by 7% at speeds above 100 km. Dena Plus Turbo 6-speed manual was delivered to customers from the end of summer 1401.

Currently, the price of Dena Plus Turbo with manual transmission of zero kilometers in the open market is about 480 million tomans, and it is 50 to 60 million cheaper than the automatic transmission model.

In this series of Test and review articles Pedal magazine has gone to Dena Plus Turbo 6 manual gears to check its purchase value in the price range of 400 to 450 million Tomans. With pedal be together

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Dena Plus Turbo design

Dena plus turbo six gears

The large and hexagonal Dena grille with chrome decorations along with the attractive interior graphics of the lights make the front of this car look aggressive and beautiful. In the side view, there is no news of the simple form that was used in the usual Samand and Dana, and a line with a strong and large design from the front fender to the back of the rear lights has taken its place. The design of the door handles has also been changed and its chrome coating has given a very beautiful appearance to the side view. Of course, the 10-spoke 15-inch aluminum rims, which are known as deer rims, double the beauty of the side view; But the rear design of Dena Plus has not changed much compared to its previous version, and the internal graphics of the lights and the form in the box were the only changes applied to the Plus version.

In my opinion, the author of the design of the plus version of Dena looks much more beautiful and harmonious than Tara. Of course, design is a matter of taste and some may not agree with this opinion.

Dena plus turbo cabin

Inside the Dena Plus Turbo cabin

The cabin design of this version of Dana is not much different from the regular version. The design of Dena’s dashboard is quite acceptable, but I wish the wood design used in it was of a higher quality and more realistic. The quality of the upholstery of the seats and the velvet used on the seats is very good and they do not seem to have problems for a long time. The quality of stitching and leather around the steering wheel is also excellent and attractive. The plastic material used in the dashboard and door handles is very dry and does not feel very grippy. The quality of the jiri material used as a roof cover is very poor and inappropriate; But the worst thing is the plastic quality of the sun visors, the guide handle and the frame behind the steering wheel; As if recycled plastic was used to make it!

The cabin space is relatively suitable for front and rear passengers, but it is a little smaller than Peugeot Pars and Samand, which is partly due to the use of larger seats in this car. The access to the tools inside the cabin is also not very convenient, but the good thing is that the driver has a separate panel on the door to control the window lifters, and the driver and passengers do not have to struggle to control their window lifters in the Dana, like Peugeot 206 and Thunder Nined. !

Technical specifications of Dena Plus Turbo

Dena plus turbo 6 gears engine

As you know, this car uses EF7 turbo engine. It can be said that the combination of this engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox has made Dana Plus Turbo 6-speed manual the most powerful domestically produced car; But the strange thing is that in the car catalog, the maximum speed is announced as 205 km/h; While the maximum speed of the 5-speed manual version of this car was announced as 205 km/h! But according to the history of the ef7 turbo engine with a 5-speed gearbox, it seems that the maximum speed of this car can reach more than 215 km/h in the right conditions.

You can see the full technical specifications of this car in the following table:

Dana Plus Turbo
Engine volume 1700 cc
the power 150 horsepower
torque 210 newton meters
Zero to hundred acceleration 10 seconds
Maximum speed 205 km/h
Combined fuel consumption 7.8 liters per hundred kilometers
Fuel tank volume 60 liters
gearbox 6 speed manual
net crime 1262 kg

Dena Plus Turbo comfort and safety facilities

Dena Plus Turbo 6 gear dashboard

Dena Plus has always had many amenities compared to domestic cars. Electric folding side mirrors, electric sunroof, rear camera and sensor, audio system control from the steering wheel, cruise control, electric steering wheel and digital automatic air conditioner, which have become one of the inseparable features of domestic luxury cars, there are 6 manual gears in Dena Plus. . Taillights, 6 speakers, electric driver and passenger seat adjustment in 8 directions! They show that we are on the side of a luxury product from Iran Khodro. Smoked side windows, trip computer, satellite navigation, rear row air vent, trunk access hatch are among the rest of Dena Plus Turbo features. Of course, the absence of a place for glasses and a keyless entry and exit system in this car is really strange and unreasonable.

Front and rear disc brakes, driver, passenger and side airbags, ABS and EBD are the only safety features of this car. I wish that the ESP stability control system would be installed on this car instead of the less necessary options such as electric student seat, tail lights, 6 speakers, etc.

Dena Plus Turbo electrical and assembly defects

There are not a lot of electrical and especially assembling defects of zero kilometer domestic cars that have become a normal thing in Dena Plus Turbo. For example, the gap distance of the upper part in the driver is completely different from the lower part. Iron appendages are also seen in many metal parts, especially in the chest. The way the rear bumper is placed on the back of the car doesn’t seem very strong and it seems ready to be completely separated from the car in the first accident. This problem is so serious that as you can see in the picture, if you press the part that goes under the box door, you can easily look inside the shield!

If we want to say a little about the electrical defects of this car, first of all, we must mention its anti-theft function. According to the owner, two days after receiving the car from the dealership, while the car was parked, it started honking and the owner had to disconnect the batteries to stop the sound! Also, the owner is not satisfied with the performance of the wipers and according to him, if you start the car while the wipers are on, the wipers start working and to turn them off, you need to move the wiper handle up and down several times.

Driving experience

Dena plus turbo 6 gears driving

The Dena Plus Turbo engine turns on very smoothly and silently, and in stationary mode, it causes minimal vibration to the cabin. Seeing around is a bit difficult due to the small side mirrors. The bloated lines and volumes of the car’s exterior design also make it a bit difficult to drive it in narrow streets. After driving for a while with Dena Plus Turbo, we noticed that the steering wheel is not very suitable, so that even if you set the seat in the lowest position, your feet are not far from the steering wheel.

Dena Plus suspension system has a remarkable performance and if the car is heavy, it transfers very few shocks to the cabin. The ergonomics of the seats are also very suitable for long drives. After driving for a while with Dena Plus 6-speed manual on the road, I had to change gear. When I pressed the clutch and put the gear in reverse, I noticed that the gear did not move; Because in order to fully engage the rear gear, you have to pull the lever that is located at the top of the gear upwards; But unfortunately, the sound of gear shifting in Dena Plus Turbo can be clearly heard and this issue can annoy the driver and passengers in long traffic. A 6-speed automatic transmission will be in 6th gear by default after a speed of 70-80 km/h; But driving with a 6-speed manual transmission is a little different; So that usually the car speed should reach more than 100-110 for the driver to feel the need for the sixth gear.

The acceleration and traction of Dena Plus Turbo, especially on uphills, is unmatched among domestic cars. Maybe this car is food for young people who love speed and drift (of course only in Iran!); But I wish the power of the brakes was as high as the power of the engine. Unfortunately, the performance of Dena Plus Turbo brakes is not at all suitable for a car with this power.

Maintenance costs

Dena plus turbo 6 gear maintenance cost

As you know, the sensitivity of turbo engines to low-quality gasoline has forced the owners of these types of cars to use super gasoline; But according to the owner, out of 20 gas stations in the city, maybe only one of them has super gas at some times. This problem becomes serious when Iran Khodro prohibits pouring all kinds of octane and supplements in the tank in the Dena Plus turbocharger manual!

In the table below, you can see the prices of some Dena Plus Turbo spare parts: (the prices are approximate)

Name of the piece Price
Headlight 2.4 million tomans
back light 1.6 million tomans
Front shock absorber 700 thousand tomans
Rear shock absorber 500 thousand tomans
Water radiator 800 thousand tomans
front pad 320 thousand tomans
rear pad 200 thousand tomans


Photo of Dena Plus Turbo 6 gears

Dena Plus Turbo 6-speed manual, despite all the flaws and shortcomings, is a powerful car suitable for family use, and it doesn’t seem like there is a better Chinese car in this price range. Even in my opinion, the 6-speed Dena Plus Turbo is a much better and more valuable choice than the 6-speed Tara.

In the table below, some of the advantages and disadvantages of Dena Plus Turbo 6 manual gears are given:

Advantages of Dena Plus Turbo 6 manual gears Disadvantages of Dena Plus Turbo 6 manual gears
Harmonious and relatively beautiful design Absence of ESP
6-speed manual gearbox Weak brakes
Very good acceleration and traction The sound of shifting gears

In the end, Mr Masoud Keshavarz Thank you very much for spending time with the pedal magazine test team.

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