Exciting innovations that we will see in Realme GT 2 Pro

Riley is preparing to release its first flagship, the Realme GT 2 Pro. Over the past few weeks, thanks to various revelations and teasers, we have learned a lot about the company’s future device. Riley has already confirmed that the smartphone will feature the new first-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chip, and the leaked renderings from the device give us good design information and some specs. Now, before the official release, Riley has shared more details about the Realme GT 2 Pro.

According to xda-developers, Riley has talked about three innovative technologies that will be introduced for the first time with Realme GT 2 Pro. Here’s a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used.

Design Paper Tech Master

Although Riley did not introduce the GT 2 Pro at the event, the company confirmed that the device will benefit from a new eco-friendly design. Riley claims that the back panel of the device has a new biopolymer material and a paper-inspired design.

Realme GT 2 Pro

According to published reports, this new biopolymer material has received the ISCC International Certificate of Stability and International Carbon, along with other environmental regulatory standards such as REACH, RoHS and EPEAT. In addition, Rilmi will introduce a new box design for the GT 2 Pro with a reduced overall plastic ratio (21.7% in the previous generation to 0.3%).

The first 150 degree FoV camera Ultraviolet and has the fountain state of the world

Riley has also confirmed that the Realme GT 2 Pro will be the world’s first phone to feature a 150-degree camera, which increases the phone’s field of view by 278 percent (compared to the main camera’s 84-degree FoV). This new wide-angle camera, along with the new Fish Eye mode, helps Realme GT 2 Pro users capture stunning photos.

Realme GT 2 Pro

Antenna array matrix system

Finally, the Realme GT 2 Pro also has a new matrix system for the antenna array, which consists of three technologies: the first ultra-wide band antenna switching technology (HyperSmart), Wi-Fi booster and NFC with 360-degree support.

Riley says HyperSmart technology uses 12 sophisticated antennas that cover all sides of the phone and support the main band in almost every direction. This allows the GT 2 Pro to evaluate the signal strength of all antennas simultaneously and select the best signal for greater stability.

Realme GT 2 ProThe WiFi booster feature uses a symmetrical WiFi antenna to ensure balanced signal strength around the phone. Rilmi claims that this technology improves the stability of the WiFi signal compared to the asymmetric design of the WiFi antenna by 20%.

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Also Realme GT 2 Pro Two cellular antennas with signal transmitter function NFC integrates. This increases the NFC detection area by 500 percent, says Riley As a result, it allows users to use this feature on the entire top of their device.

These new technologies, along with the information that has been leaked in recent days, lead us to believe that the Realme GT 2 Pro can have the potential to compete with the best smartphones of 2021. Currently, Riley has not shared the final release date for the Realme GT 2 Pro. But we expect the company to release more information in the weeks leading up to its release. We will let you know as soon as we get more details.

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