Everything we know about Pixel 8, Google’s 2023 flagship, and what we want to see

media WinFuture It first reported that the Pixel 8 series will use the next generation Tensor chip codenamed “Zuma”. A little later, this was confirmed with a leaked Google Pixel timeline.

Nothing has been said about the specifications and capabilities of Tensor G3; But we hope Google switches to more modern CPU cores; Because Tensor G2 is still several generations behind the latest ARM cores. Back in February, there was evidence that Google might indeed be going down this path and packing in more modern cores.

In the first developer preview of Android 14, Mishal Rahman Discovered a feature called Advanced Memory Protection. This feature prevents errors in memory management in native programming languages ​​such as Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) on ARMV9 CPUs.

In various reviews, it has been said that the Pixel 7 generates a lot of heat. It is expected that we will not see such a problem in the new chip and it will be cooler. In addition, the media Winfuture It also mentions 8GB of RAM for the regular Pixel 8 and 12GB of RAM for the Pro model, which is in line with the Pixel 7 series.

Also, the media Winfuture It claims that the Pixel 8’s screen resolution will be 2268 x 1080 pixels and the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen resolution will be 2822 x 1344. Second resolution compared to 1440p panels Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 are slightly less.

The regular Pixel 8 will likely have a 4,300 mAh battery or larger; While the Pixel 8 Pro may retain a 5000 mAh battery. Regarding the charging speed, we hope to see a significant decrease in the waiting time for full charging of these phones.

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