Everything we expect from the Surface Laptop Go 3; Release date, price and performance

A few months ago, Microsoft launched its second affordable laptop, the Surface Laptop Go, and received relatively positive reviews from this product. Now it seems that the company is planning to release the next version of this product, the Surface Laptop Go 3 with some improved specifications of the previous version.

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The Surface Laptop Go family includes economical laptops from the Microsoft Surface brand that have weaker processing power and lower-end components. For most of us in Iran, where buying Surface products is a dream with the astronomical price of dollars, Go series Surfaces have a better chance of becoming a reality. According to reports, Surface Laptop Go 3 is supposed to perform much better than the previous model, despite its appearance, and is generally a suitable and practical laptop for students and everyday use.

Although it is still a little early to speculate about the specifications and capabilities of Surface Laptop Go 3, but considering the shortcomings of the first and second generation models, the expectations of users from the next version of Surface Laptop Go can be summarized as follows.

Release date

Considering that Microsoft just introduced the Surface Laptop Go 2 a few months ago and released it on June 7, 2022 (17 June 1401), we may still be a few months away from the introduction of the next successor to this laptop. Perhaps the best way to estimate the release time of the third Surface Laptop Go is to check the trend and history of the introduction of other budget-oriented Surface devices.

Surface Laptop Go 2

Surface Laptop Go 2

Until now, Microsoft has released new versions of Surface devices roughly every one and a half to two years. The first Surface Go laptop was introduced on October 1, 2020, and its next version was made available to users almost a year and eight months later. The release of other Microsoft economic devices, such as the Surface Go tablets, also took place in the same way; Between the introduction of the first generation of this product and the second generation, it took about one year and nine months, and almost one year and five months after the second version, Surface Go 3 was released.

As such, it’s fair to expect the Surface Laptop Go 3 to hit the market sometime between late 2023 and early 2024.


Microsoft usually has a similar pricing structure for different generations of its devices, but that’s not always the case. The pricing of Surface Laptop Go family products changed slightly from the first version to the second version. The basic model of the first version of the Surface Laptop Go was launched with a price tag of $549, and the basic model of the second version was priced at $59 more expensive.

Surface Laptop Go 2 price

Therefore, it is expected that the price tag of the third version of Surface Laptop Go, i.e. Surface Laptop Go 3, will also follow the same trend. This means that the base model of the latest Surface Laptop Go will likely start at around $550, followed by the mid-range model with a price tag of $700 and the flagship model at $800. Most likely, the RAM and memory configurations of the Surface Laptop Go 3 will be the same as the current model.

Expected changes

Since there is still a lot of time left until the introduction of Surface Laptop Go 3, it is not possible to comment with much certainty about the expected changes in this product; But what is certain is that this laptop will definitely come with improvements and improvements in technical specifications, especially in the processor department. The amount and quality of these improvements and developments largely depends on the release time of the new laptop, and we can be more or less sure that this product will be equipped with 12th generation Intel processors.

Surface Laptop Go 2 in gaming

To what extent and in what form these improvements will be depends on when the laptop will be released, but it is reasonable to expect that 12th generation Intel processors will be included. The first Surface Laptop Go was released with the 10th generation Blue Team processor at the same time as the introduction of Intel’s 11th generation processors, and the Surface Laptop Go 2 was launched with the company’s 11th generation processor a few months after Intel unveiled its 12th generation processors. .

Since Intel has just unveiled the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors, it can be assumed that Microsoft will use the 12th generation Intel processor in the Surface Laptop Go 3, which is considered an affordable product. In addition to the technical specifications, there are some expected changes that were supposed to be introduced in the second model of the Surface Laptop Go, but since these expectations were not met with the launch of the Surface Laptop Go 2, now we hope to see them in the Surface Laptop Go 3. :

Backlight for keyboard

One of the biggest criticisms that users have raised about the Surface Laptop Go family of products is the lack of backlight for the keyboard and the problems caused by this to use the laptop at night or in a dark space. Without the backlight, it is not possible to see and recognize the keys of the keyboard easily, and this will obviously be a problem for users who prefer to work in low light. The keyboards of other Surface brand products, even the Surface Go Type Cover single keyboard, all benefit from the backlight, which shows that Microsoft is aware of the importance and use of the backlight in the keyboard, and it is not unreasonable to expect to see the backlight in the Surface Laptop Go 3 keyboard. .

Windows Hello by default

Both laptop models that have been released so far from the Surface Laptop Go family are the only devices of this brand that were launched after Windows 10 and do not yet have Windows Hello in their configuration. In fact, this family is the only Surface device with Windows operating system that does not offer Windows Hello facial recognition at all, and the only user option to enter the platform is to use a fingerprint, which also requires an operating system update.

Windows Hello Surface Laptop Go

Windows Hello is one of the features of Windows 10 that allows the use of security biometrics and face or fingerprint recognition to unlock Windows and requires a fingerprint scanner or a special camera such as Intel RealSense. This feature was first introduced in 2015 and provides users with a safer and faster solution with biometric methods. Windows Hello support is ideally done through an infrared camera for facial recognition, which is the easiest way to unlock the computer, but the presence of a fingerprint sensor is also a feature that can please many users.

Webcam and clearer screen

Surface brand tablets all have higher quality webcams compared to laptops of the same price class and are distinguished in this way, but the Surface laptop family had poor performance in the webcam department from the very beginning; The webcam of the flagship version of Surface Laptop 4 was released with a resolution of 720p, and Surface Laptop Studio also uses a webcam with Full HD quality.

Surface Laptop 4 display

The quality of the Surface Laptop Go 2 webcam is still 720p despite the upgrade from the previous generation, however, since 1080p has become the default minimum resolution for laptop cameras these days, it is expected that the Surface Laptop Go 3 will also come with an upgraded webcam compared to the previous generation. The previous generation was launched and brought a clearer image to users during video calls and business meetings.

The same applies to the Surface Laptop Go 3 display. Microsoft always uses screens with high resolutions in the Surface Pro series products and considers a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch for them. This density is reduced to 201 pixels per inch in Surface flagship laptops and 148 pixels per inch in Surface Laptop Go 2. In fact, the resolution of the Surface Laptop Go 2 is still lower than Full HD, and considering all that has been said, it is expected that Microsoft will aim for a higher resolution for the display of the next version of its affordable laptops.

More than 4 GB of RAM for the base model

Due to the cost-effectiveness of the Go series laptops, Microsoft has considered 4 GB of RAM for the basic models of these laptops. This capacity of RAM in Windows 10 was twice the minimum capacity required for the operating system, but 4 MB of RAM is the minimum capacity that Windows 11 needs to start. Windows 11 is equipped with features such as panel widgets or the Teams application, and therefore requires more RAM, and 4 GB of RAM may be insufficient even for a basic configuration.

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With that being said, there is a high possibility that Microsoft will increase the amount of RAM in the base model of the Surface Laptop Go 3, or even if this is not possible, offer a lighter version of Windows 11 in this model. In this regard, maybe Microsoft can use Windows 11 SE or remove features such as the widget panel so that the operating system can be launched smoothly with 4 GB of RAM.

Windows 11 SE is a new version of Windows 11 designed exclusively for students and schools; This version is offered exclusively on budget laptops and is optimized to provide a better user experience when using Microsoft Edge and Office and Microsoft cloud-based services.


For now, the above is all we can expect about the Surface Laptop Go 3, and we’ll have to wait a little longer for more concrete information or even more likely speculation. What is your opinion about the said expectations? What other features added to the Surface Laptop Go 3 might increase demand for this product against the competition?

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