Eve Smart Curtain was introduced with high reaction speed

With the increasing introduction of smart gadgets for the convenience of more and more people, at CES this year we saw the supply of different types of these products. Eve also introduced MotionBlinds smart screens at CES 2022 to compete with competitors in home appliances smartphones, which could solve some of the biggest problems of previous smart screens, such as speed. In addition to introducing the smart curtain, the company announced that Eve’s first outdoor camera with support for the HomeKit surveillance camera feature will be released on April 5, 2022 (April 16, 1400).


Smart curtains, as the name implies, are motorized curtains that are programmatically controlled by applications, voice commands, and routines defined in the smart home. Although the basic concept of smart curtains provided the user with an extremely futuristic concept, in experience, smart curtains from some brands, such as IKEA, still look rudimentary and may respond to commands with a delay of fifteen or twenty seconds; This delay is not ideal for any smart home.

According to the reviewgeek, the Eve Smart Curtain supports a fast network protocol called Thread, which, if approached by another Thread-enabled smart device such as a homepad, will allow the Smart Curtain to respond in a timely manner and faster than manually turning the lights on and off. Electric, execute commands. In other words, given the high price of smart curtains on the market, MotionBlinds needs to respond quickly to succeed and compete with other similar products.

In addition to Thread support, the Eve Smart Curtain complies with the Matter Smart Home standard; This standard will be introduced in late 2022 (Fall 1401) و and will allow all smart home products such as Google, Amazon and Apple to communicate with each other. MotionBlinds can also communicate with all smart home products after the introduction of the Matter smart home standard; This product sells for $ 400 at Eve dealerships.


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Priced at $ 250, the Eve Outdoor Camera is capable of 1080p video recording with 157-degree field of view and features night vision, integrated floodlights, two-way audio and motion detection sensors. This is the second outdoor security camera to use a fully encrypted system that does not store recorded videos on Apple iCloud.

What do you think about the Eve Smart Curtain and its compatibility with the Matter Smart Home standard?

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