Enable Farsi voice typing on Android and iPhone

If you find it difficult to type on your phone’s touch screen, or your phone’s display is having problems, or you want to type text while your hands are tied, voice typing is the best option. If you are looking for a way to type Persian voice on your Android or iPhone device, in this article we have shared with you some methods to enable Persian voice typing.

Enable Farsi voice typing on Android

To enable Farsi voice typing on Samsung and Xiaomi Android phones and Farsi voice search in the search section and Google applications, follow the rest of the article.

Enable voice typing in search and Google applications

  • For voice search in the Google app, enter the app and tap on your profile picture from the upper right corner, and then Settings Choose.
  • option Voice Select and to add Farsi language, on Languages Tap to scroll through the list of languages. Persian Choose.
  • Go back to the search page of the Google app and change the keyboard language to Farsi. Now you can do Farsi voice typing by tapping on the microphone button.

Enabling Farsi voice typing in Samsung phones

  • When typing, set the keyboard type to Google voice typing change it. You can do this by pulling down the notification panel and selecting Select input method Do it.
  • Tap the gear icon to select Languages Language Persian Add to voice typing.

Now you can do Farsi voice typing.

Enabling Farsi voice typing on Xiaomi phones

  • Open the Gboard app and enter its settings. You can also access the settings by tapping the gear icon on the keyboard’s top bar after GBoard is enabled while typing.
  • If you haven’t already added Farsi language, go to Languages tap Next, the button Add keyboard Touch to select Persian From the list of languages, add Persian language to GBoard.
  • To ensure that voice typing is enabled, enter the option from the JBoard settings section Voice typing and activate it.

Now for Farsi voice typing, first change the Gboard typing language to Farsi by touching the Korean icon. Then, from the upper part of the keyboard, touch the microphone icon and start speaking so that GBoard starts typing your words with incredible accuracy.

Enable Farsi voice typing on iPhone

  • up Gboard Get it from the App Store.
  • From the settings app to Gboard Go and in the section Keyboards Activate it.
  • To change the keyboard to JBoard, while typing, you need to touch the globe icon on the left and pause a little and then Gboard Choose.
  • To enable voice typing, you need the option Voice input enable Do not forget that this option is enabled by default. When it is active, you can see the microphone icon on the keyboard.
  • If not, go to the Gboard app to enable voice typing, or after enabling Gboard, tap and hold the Settings icon while typing, and then Settings Choose.

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