Elon Musk’s request to delay the court hearing was rejected by Twitter

to report Vergea court in the state of Delaware requested Elon Musk In order to delay the hearing, Twitter has rejected the case. Elon Musk’s lawyers have said that time is needed to conduct further investigations into the recent revelations against Twitter. The court judge says that Elon Musk can make revelations Peter Zatkoto include the former head of the Twitter security team in his file.

Yesterday, a meeting was held in the Delaware court, and Elon Musk’s lawyers requested the judge to delay the main hearing, which is scheduled for October 25, for a few weeks to investigate Peter Zatko’s claims. Twitter’s lawyers said Elon Musk was seeking to drag out the case and was planning to drag the case into chaos.

Judge Kathleen McCormick He said that before the hearing on 25 Mehr, Elon Musk should be given enough information to correct the case he opened against Twitter. Musk and Twitter will discuss Peter Zatko’s revelations. Zatko has said that Twitter managers have performed poorly and repeatedly lied to the public and government officials.

In yesterday’s hearing, Judge McCormick announced that delaying the court date would hurt Twitter. He said that in recent months, Twitter has been forced to continue its activities under high pressure, and the four-week delay in the court session will cause more damage to this social network. Therefore, such work is not justified.

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Judge McCormick has indicated several times that he would like the hearing to be held more quickly. He had previously rejected Musk’s request to delay the hearing once again. However, allowing Elon Musk to include Peter Zatko’s claims in the file is a significant development. Elon Musk has already announced that the number of Twitter bots is much higher than what this social network announces; But probably because of Zatko’s revelations, he will focus on other issues.

Twitter has subpoenaed many of Elon Musk’s relatives. It is said that Elon Musk has decided not to buy Twitter due to the fear of World War III. The five-day court hearing of Elon Musk and Twitter will start on 25 Mehr.

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