Elon Musk’s line for Apple and Google: If you delete Twitter, I will make a special phone

Elon Musk Almost every day, he publishes important news about the companies under his management on Twitter. Twitter’s new leader last week held a poll to reinstate suspended accounts, discussed rumors surrounding Twitter’s relationship with the failed FTX exchange, and even said a new version of Twitter’s authentication system would be coming in the coming days.

Based on the writing GizmodoElon Musk said that he may produce a smartphone to directly compete with Apple and Google. Musk said this in response to the tweet Liz Wheelerthe famous podcaster suggested.

Wheeler said in his tweet that if Twitter is removed from the App Store and Google Play, Elon Musk should make his own phone. He also said that ending the bipolar mobile market dominated by the iPhone and Android would make many happy: “This guy’s sending rockets to Mars, it should be easy to make a stupid little phone, right?”

The future of Twitter and the success of the subscription service of this social network largely depends on Apple and Google, because Twitter is available to iPhone and Android users through the online stores App Store and Google Play. Bypassing financial systems and over-adjusting content moderation policies may eventually lead to Twitter being removed from Apple and Google’s online stores.

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Three hours after Liz Wheeler’s tweet was published, Elon Musk responded by saying that if Twitter was removed from Apple and Google’s online stores, he would make his own phone. Elon Musk wrote: “Certainly hope it doesn’t end there, but yes, if there is no other choice, I will make a replacement phone.”

According to their policies, Apple and Google do not host applications containing hate speech, discriminatory speech, bullying and insults. Following the attack on the US Congress, Apple and Google removed the Parlor social network from their store, because Parlor did not have strict content management policies; Of course, the parlor later became available again by modifying its policies.

Despite Elon Musk’s desire to produce a phone, don’t forget that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX makes a lot of promises, some of which don’t come true.

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