Elon Musk’s incredible decision: Twitter’s golden tick, $1,000 per month!

Twitter plans to reduce its dependence on advertising by receiving money from businesses. According to the leaked documents, Twitter plans to charge businesses $1,000 per month in exchange for the gold tick. Brands that do not pay this amount to Twitter on a monthly basis will lose the golden tick. It is not clear when the golden tick will be removed.

According to the report of the publication informationTwitter also plans to charge $50 a month for adding special badges to business-affiliated accounts. screen shot An email exchange between a Twitter product manager and an anonymous business representative confirms this.

Before redesigning the Blue for Business service and changing its name to Verification for Organizations, Twitter hosted the golden tick. This service allows businesses to add special badges that are a small version of their profile picture to the accounts of their managers and employees in this social network.

Twitter has not yet announced the price of the Verification for Organizations service. Last month, access to this service became possible in a limited way.

Twitter’s $1,000 subscription is just one of the changes Elon Musk has made to the text-based platform since buying the social network. In addition to the extensive retrenchment of the forces, Musk made the receipt of the blue tick conditional on a monthly payment of $8, and soon plans to make access to Twitter’s API paid.

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