Elon Musk requested a delay in holding a court hearing with Twitter

After trying Elon Musk In order to withdraw from the 44 billion dollar contract and officially sue Twitter against him, the lawyers of the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tried to delay the holding of the court hearing until next year, but they were opposed by the judge. as Verge He writes, Musk’s lawyers are now trying to delay the date of the hearing again.

Members of Elon Musk’s legal team have proposed a new court schedule that would see the five-day hearing currently scheduled for October 17 postponed until late November.

Elon Musk’s lawyers recent revelations Peter Zatko (Twitter’s former head of security) has been suggested as the reason for the new schedule. Last week, Zatko attributed controversial claims to Twitter and said that this social network has fundamental flaws in the field of security and publishes false and misleading notices. According to Zatko, Twitter has repeatedly deceived users and the Federal Trade Commission.

Zatco’s lawyers have filed a separate court filing to provide more details about Twitter’s flaws. The registered case is currently closed. It is said that Zatko is going to officially testify against Twitter on September 9.

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Elon Musk’s lawyers have written twice to Twitter to cancel the $44 billion contract. The second letter, which was sent yesterday and is also available to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, mentions the reasons for the proposed delay in the court hearing. According to the filing, Peter Zatko’s revelations warrant scrutiny and give Elon Musk more reasons to back off from taking over Twitter. Elon Musk’s legal representatives previously said that Twitter had fundamentally breached the $44 billion contract by failing to provide accurate data on the number of bots.

Kathleen McCormickthe judge of Delaware Supreme Court has not responded to the request of Elon Musk’s lawyers.

Shortly after the deal was signed, Elon Musk began criticizing Twitter for what he believed to be misleading data on the number of daily active users. Musk eventually announced his official decision to back out of the deal, but Twitter board members took the matter to court and built a strong case against Elon Musk. Elon Musk has said that he would have no problem closing the deal if Twitter specified the exact number of bots.

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