Elon Musk regrets selling Tesla stock to buy Twitter

Elon Musk The billionaire of the electric car industry has regretted the sale of his shares in Tesla, which was done with the aim of buying Twitter. Last year, after months of difficulty and a lot of press noise, Musk finally took over the Twitter social network; But apparently, during this time, he is going through a very difficult situation; Because he is in charge of managing three companies at the same time. The CEO of Tesla and Twitter had criticized the previous management of his social platform and now he has taken the helm himself.

written by WccfTechIn the last few months that Musk has taken over the management of Twitter, Musk has realized very well how difficult it will be to change the performance of this platform. V He has been looking for a suitable person to hand over the management position of Twitter for some time, and his current role has undergone an interesting change in December. Musk also asked his followers if they wanted him to stay on as CEO of his social network. To buy this social network, he had to sell a large amount of Tesla shares and received help from some investors in the Middle East.

Now it seems that Musk is thinking again about buying Twitter. By publishing a series of tweets in response to one of his followers, he announced that he still does not believe that he bought the company. V In another tweet, he said he regrets selling Tesla shares to buy this social network.

Since buying Twitter, Elon Musk has implemented various changes in this platform. For example, shortly after he bought the mentioned social network, the user accounts of some famous people like Donald Trumpthe former president of the United States and Kanye West suspended.

Mask In another poll, he asked his followers whether he should resign from Twitter and received a total of 17.5 million votes, of which 57.5 percent agreed with his resignation. This poll was conducted exactly when Musk traveled to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup finals; where it was said that he met Trump’s son-in-law and Qatari and Saudi investors.

Some time later, Musk announced that if he finds a suitable person to manage Twitter, he will step down from his current role in this social network and focus on managing the technical teams of this platform.

Musk’s efforts on Twitter come as his space company, SpaceX, prepares for its most important test in years. The company is now testing the Super Heavy booster and plans to fire up 33 rocket engines simultaneously for the first time. If this test is successful and after receiving the necessary approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the company’s rockets will be ready for an orbital test flight.

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