Elon Musk pays for the blue tick of some famous people’s Twitter accounts himself

Elon Musk After buying Twitter, it has made many controversial decisions, one of which is related to the Blue service of this social network. Twitter announced some time ago The blue tick will be removed from the accounts of people who do not pay the $8 fee for the Blue service, and we saw this change implemented some time later. Of course, it seems that the blue tick of the user account of some famous people on the mentioned social platform has not been removed despite the non-payment of the $8 fee. Elon Musk He pays the cost of the blue tick for these people himself.

written by MashableThe famous billionaire confirmed the cost of the blue tick by publishing a post on his Twitter account William Shatner, LeBron James And Stephen King pays himself, and checks show that the accounts of these three people still have a blue tick.

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