Elon Musk is likely to sue Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft said in a statement that the support of the Digital Marketing Center service for Twitter will end on May 5, 1402. This means that users of Microsoft’s advertising platform can no longer write tweets, schedule and manage them, and see previous tweets.

Twitter says that the enterprise version of the social network’s API costs $42,000 per month. This skyrocketing price has caused many small developers to end the services they had developed based on Twitter. Twitter still offers a free version of the API; But the performance of this version is very limited.

According to single spotthe discontinuation of Microsoft’s support for Twitter is an inconvenience Elon Musk has been Musk says Microsoft used Twitter data in an illegal way and now is “time to sue.”

Elon Musk hasn’t made it clear what he means by illegal use of data. Probably he will take advantage OpenAI uses Twitter data to train models Artificial intelligence points out. Microsoft does not own OpenAI; But he is the biggest shareholder of this company. It is worth noting that there is a strong business relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI.

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