Elon Musk is likely to set a monthly tweet view limit

Elon Musk Since buying Twitter, it has started to change this social network by redesigning the subscription service Twitter Blue to grant blue ticks in exchange for money. Twitter’s new owner and CEO has other changes in mind that he has yet to publicly mention. A new report claims that Elon Musk has controversial ideas for the future of Twitter.

According to PlatformerElon Musk and one of his top advisers have discussed a new system that would allow users of the free version of Twitter to see a certain number of tweets per month. Musk has not given up on this idea yet; For this reason, it is possible that in the near future, the entire Twitter will be based on Paywall. In other words, the use of Twitter will be subject to payment.

Paywall is not a new concept in the media world. Most of the big news outlets publish their exclusive articles with paywall so that users have to pay to access the content. However, Twitter has never had such a system.

According to Elon Musk’s idea, every user can use Twitter for free for a certain period of time every month; But to continue using this social network, you will have to pay. Basically, Musk is trying to impose more restrictions on regular users to increase the number of subscription users and ultimately Twitter’s revenue.

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Media Platformer says the idea of ​​using a paywall for Twitter is currently in the discussion stage, and even if approved, it won’t be applied to the text-based social network in the near future. Nothing has been officially announced yet; But Musk seems to have tacitly agreed to the idea. Currently, Twitter developers are working on a new $8 Blue service that will allow receiving blue ticks. New reports say that the new version of the Blue service will be available after the end of the US midterm elections.

It is said that since the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk, a large number of users have left the platform. Meanwhile, Twitter denies such a claim. Twitter says that user growth has reached its highest level under Elon Musk’s leadership.

It is said that 1.3 million Twitter accounts have been suspended since Elon Musk took over. Elon Musk considers himself a defender of freedom of expression, and the suspension of more than one million user accounts has drawn a lot of criticism. Also, Elon Musk is facing a lot of criticism due to firing half of Twitter’s employees. According to unconfirmed reports, Elon Musk has asked some employees to return to work.

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