Elon Musk is furious that OpenAI has succeeded without him

OpenAI with public release ChatGPT and introducing the next generation language model called GPT-4 is in the spotlight, but it seems Elon Musk who was one of the founders of the mentioned company, is not happy about this issue.

Mask Over the past weeks, he has repeatedly criticized OpanAI. CEO of Tesla in response to a Twitter user in 2019, the company’s transformation He mocked artificial intelligence as a for-profit entity.

Mask He tweeted: “Still confused how a non-profit organization that I have contributed almost $100 million to is worth $30 billion today? If this process is legal, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

If we look at the matter fairly, recent statements Mask It has important points about OpenAI. This company does not follow a very strict organization and yet it is one of the most important organizations developing artificial intelligence.

OpenAI first started out as a non-profit organization, and it kind of showed that it was concerned about evil artificial intelligence. The company quickly changed its thinking and created a for-profit unit that made Microsoft will invest 10 billion dollars in it.

OpenAI is now valued at $30 billion, and its other projects are not open source, unlike its initial ideas.

Futurism He writes, some people compared to the motives Mask Doubts to criticize OpenAI. Is he worried about the company becoming a money-making machine and friends with Microsoft? But maybe OpenAI really is developing self-aware artificial intelligence.

Mask In December to tweet Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI responded that there is a danger in building self-aware AI. Now it seems like a few months after this tweet Mask Looking to create a new AI to compete with ChatGPT.

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