Easy access to a variety of Bitcoin wallets on X-Novin

With the formation of all kinds of digital currencies, there is a secure platform through which it can be found Buy and sell digital currency It is very important to do it safely and to keep digital money. X-Nov is an in-house exchange that helps you maintain and trade assets. With X-Novin services, you no longer have to worry about your money being blocked in foreign exchanges and not having access to them. You can install the best bitcoin wallet for Iranians and trade through your account.

Why choose New X?

X Novin Online Exchange has provided you with a secure platform so that you can connect all types of wallets to your account and access all of them. In addition, our colleagues are ready to answer your questions and solve your problems at any time of the day or night. In X-Novin, all services Buy digital currency Or it sells automatically and you just have to confirm them. In addition, you can enjoy the following benefits by using X-Novin services:

  • Access to dedicated wallet
  • Ability to trade more than 40 digital currencies
  • Ability to receive rewards if you invite friends to X-Novin services

What is the best bitcoin wallet for Iranians?

As Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies in the world, you may have joined its ranks as traders. If your choice Buy and sell bitcoins You will definitely need a wallet to maintain it. The important point is that there are many counterfeit versions of these wallets on the Internet; So when downloading and installing them, be sure to go through the manufacturer’s site.

اکس نوین

The best bitcoin wallets for mobile

If you are one of the people who process Buy Bitcoin Or you are tracking its sale via mobile, take a look at the list below.

Trust (Trust Wallet)

Trust Walt (Trust Wallet) Can be considered the best bitcoin wallet for beginners. This free and secure wallet is installed on all types of mobile operating systems and no one but the owner of the bitcoins can access its private keys. You can hold and trade more than a thousand coins and tokens through the trust.

Bitcoin Walt (Bitcoin Wallet)

This wallet supports SPV technology and is very secure for receiving information due to the need for third party services. Being able to get backups of information and being open source are the most important benefits of using it.

Blue Walt (Blue Wallet)

This wallet is for bitcoins only; So if you have not entered the trading market of buying and selling other digital currencies, it is a good option for you. Lightning and open source support and a very simple user interface are the most important advantages of using it to store bitcoins.

My Cellium (Mycellium)

If you are in the Atrium and Bitcoin trading market at the same time and you like to use the best mobile wallet for these two currencies, My Cellium is a good choice. This wallet provides a secure platform for transactions and you can receive and receive transactions from within; For this reason, professional traders like it. Of course, the complex user interface makes it a little difficult for beginners to work with this wallet.

اکس نوین

The best bitcoin wallet for PC

Computer wallets are more secure than the mobile version, and you can safely store your login information and even your private keys.

Electrom (Electrum)

You can completely customize Electrom based on your trading experience to make it easier for you to use. Electrom is known around the world as the best bitcoin wallet for PC; Because it does not need to download the entire blockchain and offers advanced features in a simple appearance.

Quinomy (Coinomi)

This wallet can be used to store and buy Tetra, Atrium, Bitcoin and more than hundreds of other coins; So if you are into trading all kinds of digital currencies, be sure to consider using it. The Quinomi user interface is so simple and attractive that even beginners can use it.

Exodus (Exodus)

Exodus is a not-so-famous, but safe and practical wallet used to buy a variety of digital currencies. This wallet does not have access to your assets and private keys, and this makes it more secure. To enjoy the benefits of this wallet, you must log in with the filter breaker; Of course, this does not remove Exodus from the list of the best bitcoin wallets for Iranians; Because it does not have much access and changing the IP will not pose a risk to your account.

New X wallet; Guarantee the security of your digital currencies

As soon as you create and confirm your account in X-Novin, a dedicated wallet will be activated for you. This wallet is completely secure and because it is designed for your personal account, it will be difficult for strangers to access it. In addition, if as a result of your research you have come up with options to find the best bitcoin wallet and use them, you can add them to your account in the wallets section and enjoy trading in a safe and attractive environment.

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