Earthquake in Intel programs; Next year’s 2nm desktop chips will set AMD on fire?

According to BenchLife news agency, Intel in an unexpected action of producing a desktop model It has canceled the 14th generation Meteor Lake-S series processors and plans to move the unveiling of the 15th generation Arrow Lake-S series processors to the first half of 2024. A number of analysts believe that this rumor is not true and Meteor Lake desktop processors will be launched in the first half of 2024.

Intel has been hinting at changes to Meteor Lake processors for several years. The blue team always pays special attention to the model The laptop has these processors and as the rumors say, Meteor Lake will be introduced for new generation laptops before the end of this year.

Apparently, Intel instead of supplying Meteor Lake desktop processors along with it In the second half of 2023 or the first half of 2024, the 800 series motherboards have decided to launch Arrow Lake family processors. These processors will be compatible with 800 series motherboards.

to report Toms HardoverAt the end of last year, the roadmap of Intel’s desktop and workstation processors was revealed. That roadmap showed that Intel is looking to unveil an enhanced version of its 13th generation processors called Raptor Lake-S Refresh in the third quarter of 2023. The leaked roadmap indicated that Meteor Lake desktop processors would not arrive until 2023.

Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake family products are Intel’s first consumer processors that have a chiplet design. In this design, several processing tiles are placed on a single platform and communication is established between them. The chiplet enables the construction of a processor with multiple lithographies; For example, Intel may make a processor that uses 10nm lithography in the CPU unit and in the unit The GPU uses 7nm lithography.

It is said that the CPU unit in Meteor Lake processors is based on Intel 4 lithography (seven nm class) and in Arrow Lake processors is based on Intel 20A lithography (two nm class). Most likely, Intel will make the GPU unit of Arrow Lake processors with TSMC’s N3E lithography (three-nanometer class).

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