€ 2.1 billion lawsuit against Google for allegedly violating competition law

A new major lawsuit has been filed against Google, which claims that the company has prioritized its proprietary shopping service over competitors; For this reason, it has shown exclusivist behavior. According to von Arena, Google’s new lawsuit is being filed while people in Montenegro have been grappling with allegations of anti-competitive behavior for about a year now.

Many critics of Google believe that the company is self-centered in many areas and eliminates competition. Critics point more specifically to Google’s policies regarding Google Assistant Voice Assistant, arguing that Google’s share of the Play Store app fee is unfair.

In this regard, Google’s legal problems have entered a new phase. A company called a service PriceRunner Offering price comparisons and headquartered in Sweden, it has filed a € 2.1 billion lawsuit against Google. PriceSerner introduces itself as representing users who do not see a fair distribution of price comparison services, and this financially hurts Google’s customers and competitors who provide such services.

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Michael Lindal“They are seeking compensation as a result of Google’s many years of work,” said the CEO of Preserener in a statement. He says he sees the lawsuit as a war for clients who have suffered huge losses over the past 14 years and even today due to competition law violations. “As Google continues to violate competition law, the damage to customers and companies is increasing day by day,” says PriceRanner. Therefore, the final amount of losses from Google operations is expected to be much higher. PriceRanner says it regularly offers more valuable services than Google.

Over the past few months, Google has faced a number of antitrust lawsuits, and we need to see where the outcome of the upcoming lawsuit against Google and Preserener will be. This is not the first time Google has seen itself in such a lawsuit, and given the large size of the company, it certainly will not be the last.

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