Dogecoin creator’s serious warning about investing in cryptocurrencies

Billy Marcus By publishing several tweets, he announced that investing in digital assets is literally like investing in “mental illness”.

Statements Marcus It is stated in the midst of the bearish atmosphere of the crypto market; Where investors have suffered significant losses after the end of the 2021 bull run. Previously, such recessions were considered favorable times to invest in the market.

the creator Dogecoin also criticized some other projects in the field of cryptocurrencies, including NFTs raised. Non-exchangeable tokens, derivatives of space, he says They are cryptocurrencies and therefore investing in them is more risky. It should be said that NFTs gained a lot of popularity in the crypto industry at a certain point in time and captivated the market with unprecedented sales. Of course, people’s interest in these tokens has decreased.

It is worth noting Marcus In recent years, he has taken a pessimistic approach to cryptocurrencies. For example, he announced in 2022, about 9 years ago and shortly after the introduction of DOGE, that he stopped investing in this field. The creator of Dogecoin stated at the time that investing in cryptocurrencies can be a form of gambling.

Marcus It also ran several crypto projects with a focus on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Finfold He writes that he called all BSC tokens garbage.

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