Do not fall prey to fake news; The leaked image of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Huawei phone is fake

On the internet, where 60% of the content is duplicated, the number of fake news has reached the maximum possible. Sometimes fake news makes strange claims in the form of text, sometimes deepfake technology enters the equation, and sometimes people who are looking to be seen try to make a wide-ranging image using Photoshop software.

According to Zomit, an image attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo First published by a Chinese man, it shows him inside his car with a Huawei phone. Ronaldo in this picture, The Huawei Mate RS has Porsche Design 2018 on the dashboard of its car, which is apparently a Bentley Continental GT.

Fake photo of Ronaldo in Bentley car using Huawei phone

Ronaldo knows that the paparazzi always take pictures of him in public places. It doesn’t make sense for the famous player to put a popular smartphone on the dashboard of his car, where it is easily visible.

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Ronaldo is currently in the Portuguese national team camp in Qatar and it is unlikely that he will be allowed to leave the camp alone. Another thing is that Ronaldo’s features in the leaked image do not match the latest images of him during the World Cup.

The most obvious point for reading the image in question as fake is that the color of the main subject is significantly different from other parts of the image. If you look closely at the image, you can see that it is clumsily designed with Photoshop.

Social networks and internet-based platforms are a unique opportunity for those who want to be seen at any cost. When seeing controversial news, keep your critical thinking in order not to fall prey to fake news.

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