Do not charge your Pixel 6 with any old cable

Following the actions of Apple and Samsung in an effort to reduce electronic waste, تصمیم Google decided not to include the USB-C adapter in the Pixel 6 box. However, the absence of this part in the box of Google’s new smartphone may have caused problems for its owners. Recently, some users have reported that the charging process has encountered problems when they used an incompatible cable for their device.

According to Gizmodo, Google has included a USB-C to USB-C charging cable in a 6-pixel box; But if you do not have a dedicated adapter, you may have to use an old cable. In late October, a Google forum user reported a problem with connecting an old charging cable to a 6-pixel pixel. He wrote:

Nothing happened. Charging device and even an error is not displayed, nothing. It is as if the phone is not plugged in at all.

Following the publication of this post, a Google Platinum product expert told the user that the USB-C cable should be compatible with the USB Power Delivery specification. Buy 6 pixels. In part of his message, the expert stressed that cables are important.

Google recommends at least a USB-C cable With power adapter USB 2.0 Use and power adapter USB-A Set aside to charge 6 pixels; Otherwise, Kabul USB-A Charges your phone more slowly; He may not even be able to do this at all.

One of Gizmodo’s reporters conducted an experiment to test the ability of different cables to charge the Pixel 6 Pro, and you can read his report below:

I drained my Pixel 6 Pro battery to see if I could fix the same problem I had with the Google community. It looks like this phone has a USB-A cable to the USB-C And 13-watt power adapter MagSafe Apple charges well. Even my Xiaomi 10,000 mAh power bank via cable USB-C The charger he found somewhere charged the smartphone.

Pixel 6 Pro via a dedicated OnePlus Warp charging cable And adapter USB-C I charged normally. The smartphone was charging simultaneously and sharing energy. Also, three random cables USB-A to the USB-C I tried my surroundings; Including cable with controller 8BitDo was with us; But all of them could charge my smartphone. Fortunately I’m on cables I have access to a new USB-C; But this is not true for everyone.

USB-C cables have been around for a long time now Poor quality is like a pest in the industry; But if people have to buy new adapters to charge their devices again, that contradicts Google’s claim of reducing electronic waste. If you do not have a charging adapter compatible with Pixel 6 technology in your home, you may have a problem and have to buy a new charger. This means that the previous cables are practically unused and join the collection of electronic waste.

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The person whose post we had previously published in the Google community wrote at the end of his text:

Google’s move has made my cable drawer and charging adapter a place full of e-waste. None of this would have happened if they had not claimed to be environmentally friendly.

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