Discover a mysterious cube-shaped object in the hidden half of the moon

It was last month that the Chinese astronaut Yuto 2 spotted a strange cube-shaped object in the hidden half of the moon from a distance. The Chinese astronaut has since traveled to the moon to unravel the origin and identity of the mysterious cube seen. But in the meantime, the bad news for fans of space and science-fiction creatures is that it is unlikely to be news of extraterrestrial structures on the moon.

According to Paul Brenn, a planetary scientist from the University of Washington at the Inverse Science Website He explains that what has been seen recently on the moon may be a case of the intersection of several lunar planets, light and shadow. According to Berne, the object in the picture is definitely a slate. A lunar boulder may not fill our imaginations as much as the structures made by space creatures, but at least it does have the benefit of helping scientists better understand the age and constituents of the moon. A better understanding of the moon allows scientists to not only understand how the moon lives, but also to make better use of the moon’s resources to build permanent bases there.

Mysterious cube on the moon

The Space website, which is actually a translation of the daily reports of the Chinese astronaut Yuto 2 mission from a Chinese website Our Space On its 36th lunar day, the robotic rover Yuto 2 has captured a photo of this square gray object on the moon’s horizon. The Chinese astronaut took a recent photo from a distance of 80 meters of an object that internet users have taken in recent days. It has been called a mysterious hut or house. This is a small cube object the same color as the moon’s rocks, with a dark rectangle in the middle. This rectangle resembles a door or even the legendary monolith of the Kubrick Space Odyssey movie. Of course, zooming in on the photo significantly reduces its sharpness, leaving the end of a blurred body with the proportions of a square.

An image of a cube object recently hunted by Chinese Yuto 2 astronaut on the hidden side of the moonAn image of a cube object recently hunted by Chinese Yuto 2 astronaut on the hidden side of the moon

Although man-made structures have square ratios and angles, not all man-made squares and straight lines are actually advanced space creatures. Berne has several assumptions in mind. The first assumption of this planetary scientist is that due to the very low resolution of the image, the viewer may have the impression that he is facing a square object, although in reality it may not be a square object at all.

The new hunt for Chinese astronauts may be a new example of the phenomenon of Paridolia

Now, even if the object in question is square, many boulders in nature become square or cubic due to fractures. Bern’s most likely conclusion is that as the climber approaches this object, one or two boulders are probably waiting for us, which look like a cube due to the special angle of light and shadow as well as the long distance. Meanwhile, the Chinese astronaut’s new hunt may be one of the newest space examples of a phenomenon called “paridolia” or “figurative character”.

Visual error or structure of space creatures on the moon

In this psychological phenomenon, the individual recognizes completely familiar patterns and shapes in random objects. Seeing the human face in the clouds or in nature is a common example of this phenomenon. In 1976, the Viking 1 orbiter took a picture of a rock in the Sidonia area of ​​Mars that bore a striking resemblance to a human face. Neurologically, the ability to see different faces in nature is very important to the rest of us humans. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many have been able to see figures on Mars or other planets.

According to Berne, “The Face of Mars” is a perfect example of Paridolia, but there are other space examples, such as what some say are similar to the bronze statue of Han Solo (star of the Star Wars movie series played by Harrison Ford) on Mercury. Or another image that many believe bears a striking resemblance to a giant mite on the planet Venus.

The face of MarsThe famous photo of the “face of Mars” in the area of ​​Sidonia, Mars. Photo: Viking Orbiter 1

But in the meantime, the reaction of Internet users to the new discovery of Chinese astronauts has been interesting. According to Reuters, these days, many internet memes with the hashtag called “Yoto’s latest discovery” are being circulated on social networks. Some have thought of this mysterious cube as a pair of obelisks (stone pyramids), some as tall stones, and some even as a sickle and hammer (just like the flag of the Soviet Union). A Chinese user in a post on social media described the cube of the moon as one of the space debris that the Americans have left on the moon during their various missions.

Another user wrote sarcastically that if you get a little closer to this object, you will see that you are dealing with a corona diagnosis laboratory! Another user described the controversial cube as the home of moon-dwelling space creatures. Other users have suggested a more trivial possibility, saying that they see only a few boulders in this photo.

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According to Our Space, the Yuto climber, which means jade rabbit in Chinese, gets its fuel from solar energy and covers a distance of 80 meters (distance from the climber to the mysterious cube) in 2 to 3 lunar days, which is equal to 2 to 3 months. It is terrestrial will walk. This robotic astronaut has been transmitting many images of this region in the hidden half of the moon since landing in January 2019 (December 1397) at the mouth of “Von Karman” located in the hole of “Aitken Antarctica”.

Yuto 2 is the first ground mission to reach the hidden side of the moon. Previously, no country in the world could send a satellite to this part of the moon. The hidden or dark side of the moon is not visible to us, the inhabitants of the earth, due to the tidal lock of the earth and the moon, which causes the two cosmic bodies to rotate simultaneously.

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