Disclosure of images of the Nokia Senna tablet, which was canceled in 2011

Over the past few weeks, Nokia revealer and expert Dimitros Valachos has revealed the interior details of several of the brand’s phones. This week, Valachos adds the Nokia Senna to its list, detailing a device that may have been discontinued after development in 2011. Nokia wanted to replace its Symbian operating system architecture with MeeGo and Nokia Senna Was also developing at the time. Senna as a kind of tablet based on Nokia The N9 was designed.

Nokia Senna

But shortly after the MeeGo ecosystem began to develop, the segment stopped abruptly, according to Gizmochana. A similar scenario led to the cancellation of Senate production. Later from the Senate concept design to the WP8 tablet design Used, of course, the Nokia 2520, which was released some time later, also looked like a great device.

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Dimitros Valachos has now released some fascinating images of the canceled Senate tablet. In early 2013, some images of the Senate were published in cyberspace. Dimitros says the device is based on Sony Ericsson’s Nova Thor chip and is a regular version of MeetGo Executes. As indicated in the details provided by Dimitros, Nokia Senna has the same user interface and apps as the N9 Can be found. Nokia Senna camera capable of recording 1080p videosp which was excellent at the time of its development.

We can expect this person to reveal information about other old Nokia products that never hit the market in the future.

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