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In the following, to make the selection easier, we will examine each of these drives and their features separately in the computer source site. Internal hard drives are actually pieces of hardware that are housed inside laptops, computers, and computer devices in general, and are responsible for permanently protecting your data. This information will remain until you delete it from the hard drive; Of course, any damage to the hard drive may corrupt your data.

Internal hard drives are available in both SSD and HDD. SSDs are a new generation that has been on the market for several years. The main difference between an SSD and an HDD is the lack of a removable partition (rotating disk) in its structure. This group of drives reads data at a remarkable speed during a function similar to memory types, and can store it without the need for a power adapter. Also, due to the lack of mechanical parts, the vulnerability of SSDs is much lower.

external hard drive

Unlike the internal hard drive that was placed inside the device, the location of the external hard drive is outside the device. The connection between the external hard drive and the device is established via a cable connected to a USB or Ethernet port.

These types of drives are more useful for data storage and backup, and you can disconnect the drive from your device after moving the data and connect it to another device without the risk of data corruption. The important thing to consider is to prevent your hard drive from being hit.

External hard drives are offered in two models: passport (without adapter) and desktop, the most obvious difference of which, apart from their dimensions, is their memory. Desktop hard drives are larger and can store more data. If you do not need to constantly move your hard drive, we suggest a desktop hard drive.

The difference between external and internal hard drives

The differences between these two types of hard drives are:

  • Their location mentioned earlier.
  • Data transfer speed that is higher on the internal hard drive.
  • External hard drive is easily portable and can be used in various devices.
  • Internal hard drives are cheaper than external hard drives. The main difference is due to the portability of external hard drives.

Tips to consider when buying a hard drive

  • Buy from one of the reputable brands
  • Hard disk capacity to suit your needs (If your files are mostly word and excel, 250 to 350 GB hard drives are suitable for you, but if you are into movies and music, we suggest you buy an external computer hard drive with a capacity between 500 GB Up to 2 terabytes)
  • Drive security
  • Network connectivity
  • The price is right
  • Proper speed

Reputable source for buying internal and external hard drives

By providing different goods as a representative of many brands such as Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Amos, Silicon Power, HP, Energizer, Apacer, GIGABYTE, etc., it provides the possibility for you to have all the electronic goods you need, including And get an exterior with different brands and features from one store.

Due to the importance of the price of internal and external hard drives, you can get the product you want at the most appropriate cost from the computer source. Source Computer also guarantees the authenticity of its products, regardless of whether they are internal or external, and to ensure your safety, it also provides a 7-day opportunity to test the product.

If you are looking to buy a computer external hard drive, internal hard drive or other related products, we suggest that you visit the source computer website

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