Different features of Android 13 in Pixel 7 Pro phone

The user interface of the Pixel series phones is always considered one of the strengths of these phones, and Google has tried its best over the years to compensate for the hardware deficiencies with software tricks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Android 13 was introduced on August 2022 and unlike Android 12 before that, it was accompanied by limited changes. In this version of the operating system, Google has focused more on solving the previous problems and has limited itself to providing only a few limited features to improve the quality of life of its users.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the latest Google phones, in addition to having powerful hardware, are also equipped with the most powerful Google software, and this winning combination has brought a smooth and unique user interface to these phones.

earlier in Pixel 7 Pro reviewWe shared our experience with Google’s flagship, now stay with Zoomit to get to know the best features of Android 13 in Pixel 7 Pro.

Simultaneous audio to text conversion

First of all, we mention the live transcription feature, which allows the simultaneous conversion of voice messages, video audio or even the conversation of the contact during the call; For example, let’s say you received a voice message and you can’t hear it, to find out the content of Voice, it is enough to lower the volume of the device using the buttons on the side of the phone, on the icon similar to the text that appears under the volume control slider. , click and then play the voice so that Google will display the voice content as text on the screen.

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