Determining the approximate price of Saipa Aria

In the last few years, due to the increase in sanctions, domestic car manufacturers tried to produce new products, among these car manufacturers Saipa and its new products can be mentioned. Saipa Shahin is the new sedan of Saipa which made a lot of noise, not long ago the hatchback version of this sedan, namely Saipa Aria, was introduced as a crossover.

The Saipa Aria engine is the same 1.5-liter turbocharged Saipa Shahin engine with 110 horsepower and a 5-speed gearbox as standard for this car.

Saipa Aria

However, Saipa has announced that the new modern 3-cylinder 12-valve turbo engine produced by the Tivan factory will soon replace the current engine. Also, with the help of a new 6-speed CVT automatic transmission, this car is also considered.

Aria crossover is based on Saipa’s new SP100 platform. As Saipa managers promised, three products in three different classes are going to be made with the SP100 national platform. So now that Saipa Shahin and Saipa Aria have reached the production stage, as a result, probably the third Saipa product with the SP100 platform will be a hatchback car.

Saipa Aria

Equipment and amenities of Saipa Aria include, sunroof, electric power steering, tire pressure indicator, heated electric mirrors, push-button start, artificial leather interior, automatic air conditioning, steering wheel with multi-function controls, delight and automatic front lights. With Delight, there are front airbags, hill-start assist system, folding rear seats, multimedia with touch screen, satellite navigation, reverse camera with parking sensors and such features.

Saipa Aria

Until now, the price of Saipa Aria car has not been officially announced. But considering the price of the Shahin at around 360 million, in the absence of price changes and the stability of the current conditions, it is very likely that the price of the automatic Aria will be announced at the lowest level of around 450 million tomans.

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