Despite severe economic problems, the revenue growth of the world’s largest chip maker continues

to report WccftechIn the last quarter of last year, TSMC managed to earn 625 billion Taiwan dollars (equivalent to 20.6 billion US dollars) and net profit of 295 billion Taiwan dollars (equivalent to 9.7 billion US dollars). TSMC expects the Taiwan dollar to appreciate slightly against the US dollar in the coming months. If such an event does not come true, we will witness TSMC’s financial loss in the first quarter of 2023.

TSMC’s fourth-quarter gross profit margin grew 10 percent year-on-year and 1.8 percent quarter-on-quarter to 62.2 percent, despite rising inflation and the cost of doing business in 2022. TSMC says its revenue from the mobile industry and the Internet of Things fell in the fourth quarter; But more money is pocketed through HPC products. Currently, TSMC’s revenue from the mobile industry is less than HPC (41% of TSMC’s total revenue in 2022 was from HPC).

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