Designing an application instead of creating a business page on Instagram

Since Instagram was subject to being closed and the protection plan came to the table; Those who are active on Instagram, they struggled that what will happen to their internet business after the closure or implementation of the protection plan? What will happen to all these costs for advertising and the time spent on the development of the Instagram page? How can they find their loyal customers again the day after closing and provide services?

However, there is always a solution that guarantees the security of your business and allows you to grow your business online without any worries: application design! You can for Application design in Tehran Or any other city you are in, promote your services to the whole country and help your loyal customers to always have you available! Was it interesting? We will discuss this issue further.

The benefits that compel you to design the application as soon as possible

First of all, let us introduce you to the benefits of designing an application for your business so that it is clearer to understand how designing and making an application can save your internet business from the two steps of bankruptcy!

Designing an application is a guaranteed method for constant communication with customers, away from filters and protection! Consider the day when you wake up and find that Instagram has been shut down, or the security plan has been implemented at all, and you have no access to the world of your loyal Instagram customers with any filtering.

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Now how can you find your customers again and gather them on one page to show them your services and products? How many years does it take? how much does it cost

If not before all these unforeseen disasters occur Application design take it seriously and show your customers that they can maintain their connection with you despite the internal internet, you can maintain the internet business and the expenses spent on this platform.

More trust of the customer to the one who has the application

Internet sales scams and Instagram scams caused customers to hesitate to buy from any page from the very beginning. Consider that applications can gain the trust of users more than an Instagram page and give them the impression that they are buying from a reliable collection; Because credit has a cost and nowadays customers understand this very well.

Faster and easier buying process for seller and buyer

With the design of the application, you no longer need to wander around in the directs and enter the card number and check the ID of the deposits! The customer does not need to send a message and get a card number and send a receipt to know the price of the products! The purchase process takes place on a secure platform and everything is done much faster and more professionally than what you have experienced on Instagram. It even becomes easier for the customer to make a decision, and when you put the information of your product or service in the application in full, there will be no questions left for him.

Making more product information and videos available to visitors

By designing the application, your hands will be more open to provide images and descriptions and videos related to the products. You can also put various video descriptions in the introduction section of each product in the application so that the audience can use it in the best way.

Act exactly like Instagram in your application

If even with the dangers of Instagram’s filter and limitations, you still can’t get enough of it and you’re used to its appearance, there is a very interesting and practical idea that can make your work easier: designing an application similar to Instagram! In this type of application, the design is done as if your Instagram page is in front of the customer, and you can even place links to your Instagram post in the introduction of each product in the application.

The importance of having a mobile application to introduce your brand

Most of the best-selling and powerful businesses have taken application design very seriously; Because their goal is to have a close relationship with the customer and take over his mind. In fact, installing the application on mobile means increasing your communication with the target audience!

Application design in Tehran helps you measure the amount of feedback from users, and with the help of mobile applications, you can conduct a useful survey and give the user the opportunity to freely express his positive and negative opinions.

With the help of applications, you can implement the internet marketing of your business and attract the audience’s attention to the brand in the best possible way. For example, you can publish news about relevant topics or send various announcements.

Always be in front of the customers’ eyes by designing the application

As you know, every person spends at least three hours a day on his mobile phone and browses his applications in the phone menus. If your business app is on the menu, they will open it once and be exposed to the new services and products you have to offer. In fact, by designing the application, you give the customer the opportunity to always remember you!

Send notification and enjoy it

One of the most important advantages of the application is that you can send notifications to the customer without having his email or phone number and inform him of your new products and services. You can even surprise him with various offers and discounts and encourage him to buy your products! Of course, be careful not to send so many notifications that it ends up deleting your application altogether! Be as useful as possible.

Search and filters

In fact, if you have too many products and offer them on your Instagram page, you will confuse them and eventually they may stop buying! However, in the application, you can help him find the desired product in the shortest possible time using various filters in a useful and professional way. In fact, by putting the search and filter feature in the application, customers can describe their desired product with filters and search it.

These are among the advantages that are available to you by designing the application as an alternative to the Instagram page. In the following, we mention some tips for designing applications for businesses.

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Important points that you should consider in designing an application that replaces the Instagram page

Determining the right strategy

Before doing anything, you need to determine your strategy. What exactly is your goal in designing the application? How can you offer your products and services in it? You must know the target audience in the best way and advance the application design according to the customer persona.

Easy and fast registration

In the registration section of the application, only important fields should be used. Unnecessary fields lead to user confusion and refusal to complete it. You should ask for the parts that are not so important in the next reference or in the user information completion section, so that the customer does not leave or even delete the application due to fatigue or feeling of lack of security.

Create a professional user interface

You should put all your efforts in designing the application so that the user feels pleasant. The application environment should be simple and understandable, and the customer should be able to work with the application and benefit from its various parts without going through special training. Also, the application should be optimized for display on different mobile and tablet devices.

This is from reviewing the design of the application instead of spending time and money on building and promoting a page on Instagram, which has no credit in this situation! Our suggestion is to read more about the advantages of designing an application instead of Instagram and invest your time and money on a more reliable platform.

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